Wishlist Wednesday: Furless Perfectly Pink Makeup Brush Set

The object of my desires:
Furless Perfectly Pink Makeup Brush Set SET26

Furless Perfectly Pink Makeup Brush Set

Makeup brushes are a little beyond me. I don’t understand why there are so many, and what they all do! Maybe because I’ve never had enough actual makeup to justify them. BUT – that’s all changing, thanks to this blog 😉

So when I started looking into brushes, I saw this set reviewed by the lovely Rebecca at Just Wing It – and if the fact that they’re BRIGHT PINK wasn’t enough, her review spoke so highly of them that it sent me into brush-lust (it’s officially a thing now).

Furless are an Australian owned company, and they are completely cruelty free – their brushes are made using synthetic bristles, which are hygienic, hypoallergenic, and they last longer and are far softer than animal fur. And, as their website tells me, “the bristles in our Furless brushes have been crimped to mimic animal hair, to pick up and hold powders like fur does. The argument that synthetic hair does not hold powder is no longer valid!”

They also have a fantastic page of makeup tips & tricks, which is super handy and also gives an insight into how much they value their fans – these tips have all come from their Facebook page.

This set is $49.95, which seems like great value for 8 x brushes (3 x face and 5 x eye). Oh, and did I mention they’re PINK!!?

From the website

This perfectly pink makeup brush set has classy black handles and hot pink tips. Use this set to create any look on the go – throw in your bag for holidays and travel.

This makeup brush kit consists of the following professional makeup brushes:

  • Large powder brush
  • Angled contour brush
  • Stippling brush
  • Stubby blending brush
  • Fluffy eyeshadow brush
  • Angled liner brush
  • Small domed crease blending brush
  • Precision eyeliner brush


Which makeup brushes are your favourite? Have you tried any from the Furless range yet?

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