Washing // The Double Cleanse: Step 2

I talked about cleansing oils recently, and how they form the first step in my life-changing nightly skincare routine – the double cleanse. They work to draw out the bad oils, rinsing away the grease & grime, leaving your skin open to a thorough cleanse. Which leads us to step two: washing!

Double Cleanse Washing Australian Cleansers

Now that you’ve rid your skin of oil-based nasties, such as excess sebum and makeup, it’s time to take care of the dust, sweat and dead skin cells that are still hanging around. The oil goes in for a deep cleanse, but you still need traditional cleansers to remove the surface residue. And because you’ve already rinsed away excess oil, your cleanser will actually be more effective, improving skin texture and meeting the precise needs of your skin. Which means you need to find the right product to suit your skin!

If your skin ticks the ‘normal’ box, then a traditional cleanser like Auriginals Tea Tree Face Wash* is just what you need. The refreshing gel formula is lightly foaming, washing without stripping away essential moisture. It’s a particularly good choice after oil cleansing because the natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of tea tree are able to penetrate the skin, leaving it clear & balanced while protecting from infections. The scent is overwhelmingly tea tree, which I like because it’s fresh and spicy, but it doesn’t linger so if you’re not a huge fan don’t worry!

For oily or acne-prone skin, the Ultraceuticals Ultra Clear Foaming Cleanser* is an absolute lifesaver. Unlike the foaming cleansers I grew up with, this doesn’t dry out your skin! Instead, it relies on potent, cosmeceutical-grade ingredients to regulate sebum production and leave you with glowing skin. One pump is enough to cover my face, and it becomes quite creamy once you start massaging it in. It washes away completely clean, and I love using this when my skin is playing up.

As for dry or sensitive skin, cult fave RosehipPLUS Organic Daily Cream Cleanser* is perfect to restore hydration. The inclusion of natural oils and kaolin means it detoxes and moisturises while it cleans, leaving your skin silky soft and touchable. I reach for this natural, organic cleanser regularly through winter, and it’s never lead me astray. If you find that other cleansers are too harsh once you’ve used a cleansing oil, this might be the product you’ve been looking for.

Double Cleanse Washing Australian Cleansers Formulas

Auriginals Tea Tree Face Wash

Ultraceuticals Foaming Cleanser

Rosehip Plus Cream Cleanser

I know it’s taken two blog posts to cover the double cleanse, but I promise it’s not a huge change to make. It will take 2 minutes max at the end of your day. Only slightly longer than it takes to smear a makeup wipe across your face, and MUCH more effective!

Double cleansing is particularly important for anyone who wears makeup, and find that they struggle with skin imperfections or acne. Failing to properly wash your face will lead to blocked pores, and a less-than-perfect complexion. So not only does double cleansing completely remove makeup at the end of the day, it also preps your skin for flawless makeup the following day. Win win!

Give double cleansing a try and let me know how your skin changes.

Double Cleanse Washing Australian Cleansers

Gel, cream or foaming… what type of cleanser do you prefer for washing the day away?


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