Versatile & Sunshine Blogger Awards

Versatile & Sunshine Blogger Awards

So I’ve had three blog award nominations in the past month, but I’ve been really slack at following up and posting my replies! So I’ve combined them all for this post.

I’ve been chosen by both Kate from The Minted Beauty and Dom from The Social Chameleon for the Versatile Blogger Award (meaning they love the unique-ness of my blog), and Kate again for the Sunshine Blogger Award (meaning she thinks I’m positive and inspiring).

I know there are a lot of bloggers out there that don’t understand these chain-mail type ‘awards’, but I am always completely chuffed because it means people are reading my blog & enjoying my rambling opinions. Plus I think a blog is more enjoyable when you know a little bit about the person behind it!

The rules for both of these are to list a certain number of facts about yourself. I’m just going to sit somewhere in the middle and list 9 facts:

1. When I need a good cry, I watch If Only. Seriously – I’ve watched it over 10 times and I think it actually gets more upsetting every time.

2. My feet are always cold. So naturally, I find it hilarious to put them on my boyfriend’s stomach in the middle of winter 😉

3. When I was 14 I created a website dedicated to the computer game Dogz 3.

4. I’m still jealous of Lady Lovely Locks for having Pixietails.

5. I used to be a long distance runner, but I get really awful stitches due to scoliosis (slightly curved spine) pinching some nerves on my right side. But I still love to run!

6. However, more than running, I love to eat (she says, with a pile of Fantales wrappers on her desk and Asian After Work open on the side). Exercise is mandatory, but eating is a total pleasure.

7. I love the thick eyebrow trend, and have only just discovered the joy of brow tint – I’ll be reviewing the Australis ‘Tint My Brow‘ within the next week.

8. I love shoes, but I hate shoe shopping. My feet are long and narrow, my toes and long and narrow, and nothing ever fits properly.

9. One of the reasons I chose to start a beauty blog was so that I could appreciate different ideals of beauty. I’ve spent a long time struggling with my looks and focusing on my supposed ‘flaws’, so it’s a relief to focus on how a product works with my features, and to see how confident and happy other beauty bloggers are in their own skin.

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Amy is a bunny-owning, floral-loving Sydney girl, excited to bring her love of Australian beauty, skincare & lifestyle services to a larger audience.

  • Oh my goodness, another Dogz 3 lover! I was obsessed with that game from when I was 11 to about 14. I won’t go into too much here because I don’t want to bore everyone but my goodness.

    Also I love shoes but hate shoe shopping too, for the opposite reason! My feet are way too wide (and fat I feel) so I don’t like how they look in shoes.

    Thanks for doing the tag, I love reading these things, and your blog is one of my favourites to read!

    Kate Xx

    • So basically, if we just chop a little off the sides of your feet and add it to mine, we’ll both have normal shoe-friendly feet! Ha 🙂

      And that’s amazing, I don’t know anyone else who played it!! I have such fond memories, I was completely obsessed with it. If we ever meet in person, we’re having a gushy dogz chat! Xx

      • Haha sounds like a plan 😉

        And YES that would be awesome. We can reminsce on our favourite breed combinations and think fondly of Petz past. I used to enter those online Dogz show competitions, that was lots of fun 😛

  • congratulations! I totally agree with number 9 xx

    • Thanks hun, and I think it’s what makes the beauty community so friendly – we’re all so different, and so appreciative of these differences x

  • I have wide feet. Wanna swap? Congrats on your award nominations 🙂

    • I’m always so jealous of people who have shoe collections hey! Thanks for your support & encouragement Em x

  • Congratulations on the award nominations Amy!

  • Congratulations on the award nominations Amy! interesting facts
    Ivy x