Vaniday: beauty bookings at your fingertips

You know the drill: you finally manage to unwind on the couch after a long day, only to realise you forgot to call your beautician/hairdresser/tanning salon and now they’re closed. Not a problem! Online beauty marketplace Vaniday have made it easy to book your appointments in just a few clicks – anywhere, anytime – so you don’t have to wait until the next day (and risk forgetting all over again!).

Vaniday: beauty at your fingertips

Beauty bookings at a click

With both a website and an app, Vaniday is your new go-to destination for beauty and wellness services. It’s the ideal way to book appointments with your favourite salons, or discover new salons in your local area. And as an added bonus, Vaniday is completely free. You only pay for the services you use, and they regularly send out exclusive deals and offers to their members.

The interface is clean and functional, and there are 8 different categories available to search: Hair, Nails, Makeup, Aesthetics, Hair Removal, Massage, Barber, Spa, and Packages. Within these are very specific options, from balayage to microdermabrasion, making it easy to narrow your selection. It’s also a great way to get prices for treatments you’ve always been curious about (30 mins of liposuction costs $290, who knew?).

The booking process is simple. You choose the salon and treatment that’s right for you, select an available date and time, and confirm. Easy! An automated booking confirmation is sent immediately, and the email template follows their brand aesthetic – which can sometimes be overlooked when it comes to automated emails.

Unfortunately, the requested times may occasionally be unavailable, as I discovered with one of my bookings. There was a glitch in the client’s calendar, so I received an SMS from a Vaniday rep letting me know, and offering me some alternate times. While their customer service was wonderful, it’s annoying that the booking feed was not correct. Not a huge issue, bit if you’ve already made plans then rescheduling could be a hassle, depending on the service you’ve booked.

My Vaniday salon experiences

So far I’ve booked two appointments through the Vaniday platform. For the first, I decided to treat myself to a 30 minute Indian Head Massage* at Varda Spa. I made the booking for a Friday night after a particularly stressful week, and it was divine! They were super professional, even when I arrived late and sweaty after struggling to leave work on time, and didn’t rush me to finish my tea when it was after their closing time.


The second booking was for Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting with Eyebrow Wax* at Thaspa Beauty, which was done just in time for my wedding. I’ve only ever had them threaded, and have never had them professionally tinted, so it was a brand new experience for me. I was surprised to find it really relaxing!

The beautician explained everything as it was happening, and helped me select the right tint to achieve the look I wanted. It helped make my brows warmer, and I particularly love the tint on my lower lashes, as I find mascara tends to run when I try to coat these.


I noticed with both salons that they greeted me by name, which is great service when you’ve used a third party to make the booking. Vaniday are obviously very careful in selecting their clients, to ensure you get the best quality service.

All they need to do now is enable multiple treatment selections in the one booking, allowing users to create their own packages – put that in place and I’d be reluctant to ever look anywhere else!

What beauty service could Vaniday help you with right now?

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