Vanessa Megan Every Body Balm

Vanessa Megan Every Body Balm

With all the recent hoo-hah surrounding Lucas Papaw, I thought I’d talk about another multi-purpose balm that I’m loving! I’ve pulled out my tub of Vanessa Megan Every Body Balm* to fix everything lately, from dry skin and rashes to mosquito bites and eczema. It’s smooth and super-absorbent, with no nasty side effects or chemicals.

The 50ml tub isn’t enormous, and the balm looks fairly solid when you first open it, but it softens up quickly once you start using it. The butters and oils mean that the texture changes as soon as it hits your skin, so you only need a small swipe to get enough for most uses. It becomes quite oily, but this doesn’t hang around for too long once you massage it in, which is a big bonus.

It really is an every body balm!

Suitable for all members of the family and packed full of soothing organic ingredients, it’s perfect for anyone at any time. Shea butter, cocoa butter and calendula extract heal, calm and moisturise the skin. Evening primrose and lavender oils relax and provide natural pain relief. Blue chamomile’s anti-inflammatory properties assist with stings, sores and sprains. Sea buckthorn oil, rich in omega fatty acids and vitamin E, is the ultimate in healing and rejuvenating tissue. And beeswax forms a protective layer to keep the good stuff in!

I prefer to use it at night after I’ve had a bath – and it’s done wonders for my poor neglected feet. I lather my heels in the Every Body Balm and then stuff them in thick socks for the night. Ta-da! Such an easy product, and the perfect size to take anywhere.

Vanessa Megan Every Body Balm

Do you have a favourite multi-purpose product?

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