Vanessa Megan Clementine Foaming Cleanser and White Tea Antioxidant Day Cream

Vanessa Megan Clementine Foaming Cleanser and White Tea Antioxidant Day Cream

It was the clean, sophisticated packaging that first drew me to Vanessa Megan, and the quality of the products won me over completely. This Australian based certified organic skincare company was created around the uncompromising standard “You should never put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat”. I took this VERY literally, and for the record, the day cream isn’t exactly tasty, but it’s not completely terrible either. It’s mostly sweet but a little tangy! Ahem…

Clementine Foaming Cleanser*  ($49.95 // 200ml)
This delicate cleanser is an absolute delight to use! With a light, creamy lather that’s suitable for all skin types, this effectively cleanses without stripping the skin. It does this through the inclusion of glycerin, a humectant that increases moisture and maintains the outer barrier, preventing dryness. One pump is more than enough to cover your face and neck, so the 200ml bottle should last you a good 5-6 months of daily use. Hydrating olive extract and aloe vera are used to soften and protect the skin, keeping it healthy and supple, and sweet orange & mandarin oils are used to recreate the light citrus scent of the clementine, which lingers long after use. They also boost the antioxidant and antiseptic properties of the cleanser, assisting with congested skin and providing a refreshing and uplifting scent, known to encourage a positive outlook and relieve anxiety.

White Tea Antioxidant Day Cream*  ($49.95 // 50ml)
Did you know that white tea has anti-ageing properties, assisting in diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles? And here I just thought it tasted good! It protects the skin whilst nourishing and re-mineralising. Combined with pomegranate extract and vitamin E’s antioxidant properties, helping to fight free radicals and keep the skin looking young and supple,and jojoba oil and aloe vera for skin elasticity and collagen production, this is one powerful cream. It is especially ideal for dry, mature or sensitive skin types, and 1-2 pumps will absorb quickly, leaving a slight tacky feel to the skin that goes away after 10 minutes. The bottle I have comes with a little click-on cover rather than a lid, which I’m not incredibly keen on, so I’m happy to report that the design has been updated since launching, and it now has a proper lid. This is so much better for travel, and increases usability. Also available in a 30ml bottle. (Note that I’ve removed their hyphen from antioxidant, as it’s annoyingly incorrect!)

Vanessa Megan Clementine Foaming Cleanser

Vanessa Megan White Tea Antioxidant Day Cream

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