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About Amy | The Foolish Obsession

Amy is a bunny-owning, floral-loving Sydney girl, excited to bring her love of Australian beauty, skincare & lifestyle services to a larger audience.

  • Thank you so much for writing this post! I’ve been so sick of hearing how fabulous reverse washing is, I tried it myself and saw no improvement and like you, my hair seemed incredibly dry. Thanks for bucking the trend with me!

    • I really wanted to emphasize the fact that for the first 3 days, it seemed wonderful – but then it went downhill! Because a lot of people are trying it once or twice and then raving. Doesn’t help! Glad you had the same experience as me – backs up my own thoughts 🙂

      • I felt the same way, the first 2 days I was quite impressed but after that my hair just became quite dry and very knotty. I thought this was a great post though and it like that you got a professional opinion too. It’s great that it works for some people but it’s not for me!

  • Interesting read! Too bad it didn’t work so well…
    Sue | best price for viagra pills

    • I’m glad I gave it a go though, and it’s so interesting hearing about other people’s experiences!

  • As a cosmetologist I agree- this will not work long term. Really I think people need to re-examine how they are washing their hair. Shampoo belongs on your roots! Very little needs to be used on your midshaft and ends to get it clean (unless you’re heavy on the styling products). Conditioner should be concentrated on the midshaft and ends and only a small amount needs to go within the 6 inches of your roots. If you’re hair is getting greasy after one day you either have over active sebaceous glands (and suffer from very oily skin as well) or you’re using way too much conditioner!

    • Thanks for your great comment and advice – it’s wonderful having my findings backed up! And I used to shampoo every inch of my hair until someone at Original & Mineral told me to only use it on my roots. It made a huge difference to my hair, and can’t believe it took me so long to find out! I’m a big advocate of trying everything once, so am glad I gave it a go – but back to shampoo THEN conditioner for me.

  • Mands

    Thanks for this post, I’ve never heard of this trend!! I don’t like the sound of it though and pretty sure my hair couldn’t hack it either! Sticking to my normal routine I say!

    • I imagine since it actually managed to give my hair some volume (albeit because it was dry and damaged), it would make your hair go crazy! Luckily my Kevin Murphy products arrived on Day 8 😉

  • Hi Amy, I actually hadn’t heard of this trend…..I worked in a salon years ago and learned the correct way to shampoo hair and many friends now are hairdressers and now of them use this technique…….. obviously fordgood reasons from the sounds of your findings xo

  • I am tossing up whether to try this trend or not. I normally put shampoo on my head and then realize I was meant to start trying it the other way – whoops! I am also pretty hesitant because of my bleached hair… I don’t particularly want to risk it TBH!

  • The information about “Reverse Shampooing” is very interesting. I do have a similar blog with a motto to give quality suggestions and advises to my readers. I would like to repost it in my blog. Would you mind granting me permission?

  • Interesting post – I too hate this trend! I’ve never tried it, but it just seems silly. I have very thick hair, and to be honest, some days I have to condition, shampoo and condition again, just so I can get the comb through it while it’s wet, but I’d never skip that final conditioning stage!

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