Treat cellulite in 3 easy steps

Treat cellulite through dry body brushing Eco cellulite rub and drinking water

It’s officially spring in the southern hemisphere! That means the mad scramble is on to get bikini-body ready. And while hair removal and exercise have fairly standard formulas for success, the battle to treat cellulite is a different matter entirely. There are no miracle cures. You can’t remove it with a wax strip, and no amount of squats or crunches will eliminate the tell-tale ‘cottage cheese’ dimples. And cellulite doesn’t discriminate – it affects anyone, no matter their size, age or skin colour.

What exactly is cellulite? The term refers to uneven fat deposits that have pushed through the connective tissue or collagen fibers under the skin, settling into cells and causing a dimpled appearance. That’s my totally scientific interpretation, guys! This can happen for a number of reasons – hormones, poor circulation and weight gain/loss are among the most common – and up to 90% of us will suffer from it.

So what are my 3 easy steps to treat cellulite?

Step 1: Dry Body Brushing
I touched on circulation above, so let’s get it flowing! I use my Bodecare Deluxe Firm Bristle Body Brush* in the morning before I shower to improve circulation and assist with lymphatic drainage. It might feel rough at first, and your skin will experience a slight reddening, but this is normal and your body will adjust. Be sure to shower and apply moisturiser afterwards. If you’re brand new to dry body brushing, you might also notice some unwelcome pimples appearing, but this is just your skin adjusting and detoxing. These areas aren’t used to such vigorous activity!

Step 2: Detoxifying oil massage
My relaxing night-time routine involves firmly massaging my thighs, butt and hips with the ECO. Cellulite Rub* (the bottle I have is old, and they’ve recently re-jigged the formua to make it even more effective!). This stimulates increased blood flow to the area, and is surprisingly therapeutic – especially with its pleasant woodsy, citrus scent. While regular massage will help on its own, the combination of juniper, grapeseed, lemon and vitamin E oils in the ECO serum help to improve skin texture and decrease excess fluid retention. Keep it up regularly to notice results. You can also add a few drops to your bath for an extra boost!

Step 3: Hydration
The easiest way by far to treat cellulite is water, water and more water! Keeping your body hydrated means your cells are happier, and you’re regularly flushing toxins from your body. Hydration is key to plump and smooth your skin. If you struggle to drink plain water, then mix it up! Add fruits such as lemon, cucumber, strawberries, mint – Blogilates have some great detox water ideas! Just make sure you get your 8 glasses a day – my trick is to buy 2 water bottles, finish one with lunch, and the other before I go to bed.

Treat cellulite through dry body brushing Eco cellulite rub and drinking water

Do you have any tips or tricks for treating cellulite?

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