Top 10 hashtags for beauty bloggers


One of my favourite way to discover new bloggers, brands and content is through hashtags – and it’s also a great way for my own content to be discovered! However, outside of the generic #love #happy #smile #selfie hashtags, there are also numerous content-specific hashtags that have been developed, to really narrow down the search. The best platforms for hashtags are Instagram and Twitter. They are active on Facebook, but the search function has a long way to go.

And to help you out, I’ve put together a list of my favourite hashtags for beauty bloggers. Add the below suggestions to your social media posts and watch them go nuts!

1. #bbloggers
Globally recognised hashtag for beauty bloggers, this should be included every time. ‘Nuff said.

2. #bbloggersau #bbloggersoz
These have two benefits – they target other Australian beauty bloggers, and they let people know that you’re Australian. This is a great way to build a local following.

3. #aussiebbs #instabeautyau
These are relatively new to the game, but have picked up incredible speed. There was a time when I could have told you who started #aussiebbs, but I’ve long since forgotten!

4. #beautyblogger #makeupblogger #beautyaddict #beautyguru
Make it obvious, and reach those people not ‘in the know’, who probably aren’t aware of the shortened variations. Think of what you would search if you wanted to find someone sharing their makeup knowledge.

5. #beauty #makeup #lipstick #foundation #eyeliner etc
On social media, it pays to stick to the KISS principle – Keep It Simple Stupid! If you’re posting about your new red lipstick, then you’ll want to include #lipstick #redlipstick #redlips alongside #makeup and #beauty.

6. #ausbeautyblogger #aussiebeautyblogger #ausbblogger #ausbeautybabe etc
If you’re a hashtag whore, and want to reach as many people as possible, make up your own variations! Chances are, someone will look for them. But if you do plan on adding a truckload of hashtags, remember to put them all in a comment rather than the main description. Otherwise, you don’t get the […] read more option, and it lists them all in one looooong line for everybody to see. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

7. #fotd #ootd
These stand for ‘face of the day’ and ‘outfit of the day’, and are a great way to share both selfies and flatlays. Feeling foxy? Use these to splash your face/outfit across social media. Feeling lazy? Spend plenty of time on the ground creating the perfect flatlay to represent your style for the day, and keep your face out of it. These hashtags also rely on heavy brand promotion, so be sure to tag all of the brands that you have used.

8. #brandname (and any brand-specific hashtags that the brand themselves are using)
This might seem odd to include, especially if the brand that you’re featuring actually has a @brandaccount, but there are plenty of people out there who use the hashtag search exclusively, and will find your posts that way. For example, if I wanted to see posts with Australis makeup, not necessarily from Australis, I’d search for #australis (and probably #loveaustralis and #australismakeup as well)

9. #australianmade #australianowned #madeinaustralia #crueltyfree #organic #vegan
There are plenty of people who are searching for ethical products, e.g. where they’re made or how they’re made, so sometimes the key phrases and logos on your beauty products can also translate into great hashtags!

10. #cityblogger #citylife #city
Finally, a wonderful method of reaching people in your city is to include it in your hashtags. For example, I like to pop #sydneyblogger #sydneylife #sydney into a few of my posts, and it’s interesting to reach people who might not necessarily be looking for beauty-related content, but who end up liking or commenting on it simply because they enjoy seeing posts from people who live locally.

And of course, remember you can always use singular, plural or both for most of these, depending on how hashtag-crazy you want to get!


Which hashtags for beauty bloggers are you obsessed with using?

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