The Jojoba Company Jojoba Bead & Bamboo Facial Exfoliant


This little exfoliant was marketed as an EE cream when it was released, which stands for ‘extra exfoliating’. Now you might think this means ‘extra grit’, but it’s actually the complete opposite. If you read my post on Alphabet Creams, you’ll know that EE creams are all about balancing, cleansing and moisturising without harsh scrubbing. They are perfect for sensitive skin, and can be used more often than a harsher scrub.

The best part about the Jojoba Bead & Bamboo Facial Exfoliant* is that it’s dual purpose. You can use it as a plain old face scrub if you’re in a hurry, but the more luxurious option is to leave it on for 10-15 minutes as a face mask. This means that you get the full benefits of the Ivory Clay (also known as Australian Kaolin), giving it time to draw out toxins from your skin, whilst nurturing and toning. It does have a distinctive smell, which I would describe as a mix of smoke and clay, which doesn’t go away until after you have washed it off. I like it, but it’s definitely strong and might divide some people, especially when it comes to leaving it on for 15 minutes. But as you can see in the photo below, the thick texture of the formula does look more like a face mask than a scrub, which seems like a not-so-subtle hint at how to use it to get the best results!


The jojoba beads and bamboo remove dead skin cells, refreshing and renewing the skin, while the salicylic acid is a natural BHA, powering through the oil that is clogging your pores without the need for excessive scrubbing. BHA’s also have antibacterial properties, making it great for sensitive or acne-prone skin types. It also uses pure jojoba oil and shea butter to hydrate, and witch hazel to calm and tone the skin. You won’t get any irritation or redness from this product, despite the colour of the tube!

While I normally go for a grittier scrub, the gentle yet powerful nature of this EE cream may have won me over – and the benefits speak for themselves.


The Jojoba Company Jojoba Bead & Bamboo Facial Exfoliant  80ml   RRP $39.95

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