TFO Etsy Find: a very punny Valentine’s Day with Rosie Rosie Lou


Keep it light this Valentine’s Day with these deliciously punny greeting cards from Etsy shop Rosie Rosie Lou! This gorgeous collection came about when the creator, Olivia, decided to combine her love of graphic design, puns and healthy food. They’re perfectly simple, and each 300gsm card comes with a matte brown kraft envelope neatly tied up with brown yarn/ bakers twine.

The cards are $4.50 each, but she also has mixed packs of 4 cards available for just $12.00 (that’s $3.00 per card).

The Veggie Pack contains:
1 x ‘I love you from my head tomatoes’ card
1 x ‘Nothing beets you’ card
1 x ‘Olive you’ card
1 x ‘So peas to be your friend’ card

The Fruit Pack contains:
1 x ‘I pine for you’ card
1 x ‘You are berry sweet’ card
1 x ‘Orange you glad we met?’ card
1 x ‘We make a great pear’ card

Perfect for telling your loved ones just how ‘a-peel-ing’ they are this Valentine’s Day!

RosieRosieLou Valentines Day Nothing Beets You and Orange You Glad We Met greeting cards

3 quick questions with Olivia of Rosie Rosie Lou…

How long have you been involved in graphic design?
Not long actually. I’ve always loved design so I am currently in my second year of studying interior design with a major in graphic design. I love that I get to do both. Rosie Rosie Lou is still in the early stages and it is exciting where it will go from here.

What was the very first food pun that inspired this collection?
I started off doing little watercolour sketches for my friends. I think ‘nothing beets you’ was the first, which is probably my favourite. I’ve always had a love for good design and I am a sucker for a good pun, and so Rosie Rosie Lou was born.

Can you describe the process involved in designing & printing the cards?
I generally do a few sketches of initial ideas and play around with the words a bit and then take that to Illustrator until I’m happy with the end product. I then send the files to a printer in Melbourne which focuses on recycling and printing that is good for the earth, which is very suitable for my healthy ‘homegrown’ cards!

RosieRosieLou Valentines Day I Love You From My Head Tomatoes and I Pine For You greeting cards

I’ve just placed an order for the Veggie Pack – and was delighted when the puns continued well into the order confirmation, with a gorgeous little note from Olivia saying: Thank you so berry much for your purchase! Snow peas you like them!

If you miss the deadline for Valentine’s Day, no need to worry – these gorgeous little cards are perfect for any time of the year!

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