5 ways to stay organised in 2016

5 ways to stay organised in 2016

Resolutions are doomed to fail, so this year I’m focusing on better planning. Rather than loose resolutions to lose weight or learn a new language, I’m setting goals that will help me stay organised – no matter how hectic life gets! Here are my top 5 tips to make 2016 more organised.

The key here is to spend above your budget, so you’ll be forced to actually use it – a planner is worth nothing if it sits on your desk, gathering dust! There are some gorgeous planners out there, just take a look at kikki.K, The Collective or my current obsession, the SBB blog planner. The better ones aren’t just daily planners. Their pages are full of motivation and affirmations, with space for your goals, dreams and achievements. Stay organised in style!

The things you spend your energy on need to provide benefit to your life. Are you wasting energy on tasks or people who aren’t giving you anything in return? Gain balance by regularly reviewing your priorities, and don’t be afraid to be a bit selfish. The biggest priority for me in 2015 was happiness. If something didn’t make me happy, I changed it. While it could be scary & impulsive, I knew what my end goal would look like, and I wasn’t willing to settle for anything less. Whenever my mood dipped, I reviewed my priorities, realised happiness had fallen, and shuffled things around again.

Activity: Think about the things that take up space in your life, and create 2 lists – what you WANT your priorities to be, and what they ARE. Be honest with yourself. And make time to do this once a month, to ensure you’re staying on track – and changing your priorities as you need to.

When my apartment is cluttered, I feel cluttered. There’s a lot to be said for keeping your home organised! But it doesn’t need to be a big job. Set aside 5 minutes each evening to clean something. The dishes. The floor. The bookcase. Cleaning doesn’t need to happen all at once. And if you find items that you’re not using, get rid of them. Jump on Gumtree and see what people are willing to offer, or drop them in your local charity bin.

TV is my #1 enemy on the road to organisation. I get emotionally attached to characters, and can binge watch shows for hours – ruining my good intentions and productivity! So while I wrote this heading thinking of the TV, the remote can refer to whatever is it that causes you to procrastinate. Facebook, computer games, your pet… if it’s wasting your time and stopping your from getting things done: put it down!

I like to use this one in relation to the tip above – if I can get the task done, I’ll reward myself with some TV time! If there’s a particularly unpleasant or boring task that needs to be done, make sure you have something to look forward to afterwards. This will definitely help you stay organised, because you set the rewards. Make it challenging! And if you struggle to stick to things, enlist the help of those around you. I often ask my partner to hide chocolate from me until I’ve done a specific task – because I know that on my own, I have zero willpower.

Know your strengths & weaknesses, and use them to make 2016 your best year yet!

What are you doing to stay organised this year?

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