Sorry credit card #pricelinehaul

#pricelinehaul 19/11/13

So, this happened!

Priceline is currently offering 40% off all cosmetics. And I was there at 7.45am yesterday morning, filling my excessively large shopping basket with a bunch of gorgeous products. I swear the baskets there don’t need to be so big – I blame them completely for the fact that I ended up purchasing 9 items!

I decided to go with two Australis essentials (the pressed powder & mascara – both repurchases), two cult product FOA products (the liquid eyeliner & carnivale nail polish), one completely new product that I haven’t seen before (the Innoxa illuminating BB creme), and five products that I haven’t tried but want to learn more about (the Australis high lights, SHE eyeliner, FOA lip crayon & Innoxa lip glaze).

Have you tried any of these? Do you have any tips or tricks to share?

And how did you go in the Priceline sale? Share your haul posts/tweets/photos in the comments below!

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  • Hi Amy
    Well it looks like you scored well at Priceline…….I bought a couple of new Bourjois Eyeshadows I’ve been wanting and a Models Prefer Brow Pencil……I wish they had this sale a few weeks back when I did a big shop of new products……but oh well 40% off is still pretty good no matter how much you buy…….enjoy your haul I look forward to seeing what you do with it…xo

    • Oh the Bourjois range is so beautiful – I always try their stuff in store, but end up leaving it because I wouldn’t be able to review it here!

  • You have to review the new stuff! I looove that FOA eyeliner, definitely fave xxx

    • I’ve heard so much about it, but have never grabbed it – I’ve always been scared of liquid eyeliner! But I’m determined to master it 🙂

  • Great haul! I actually havent tried any of the products you bought so im looking forward to reviews!

    • Oh awesome, well I’ll definitely be reviewing all of them! It’s so hard not to use them straight away – but I want to get good photos first haha 🙂

  • Awesome haul. I wanted to get some lip crayons but I did my shopping online and they didn’t have a lot in stock + now I have to wait to actually get the goodies I bought…I can’t wait! haha =)

    • I considered doing it online – but figured I’d get overwhelmed! Got into store before there were any crowds which was perfect. You’ll have to post a photo once your haul arrives!

  • Excellent haulage! The FOA liquid eyeliner is a good one, I’ve used mine up in recent months but I won’t repurchase for a while until I have used some of my other liquid and gel liners 🙂 Can’t wait to see some reviews and opinions!

    Kate Xx

    • It’s going to take me A LOT of practice I think – I tried the other day and it was hilarious, I looked like a clown! But hey, I’m blogging to learn, so will stick with it 🙂