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Sensitive Skincare Alpha Keri QV Face

If you find yourself regularly whinging about your sensitive skin, you’re not alone! When you suffer from sensitive skin – whether it’s dry, itchy, scaly, or prone to irritations – it can be a mission finding products that don’t cause reactions. Trust me, I know! As a blogger, I’m constantly changing my skincare routine, and aggravating my poor skin. Luckily, Australia is home to some really great brands, which offer dermatologically tested skincare for even the most sensitive skin types – and today I want to introduce you to two of these, Alpha Keri and QV Skincare. Both offer a cleanser and moisturiser that you can rely on to calm and soothe your skin.

Alpha Keri Soap Free Clear Wash* ($9.95)
What I love about Alpha Keri is that they have a Cream Wash, for dry-sensitive skin, but they also have this Clear Wash, for oily-sensitive skin, which is an often overlooked skin type. It’s low-lathering and soap free, containing a gentle formula which doesn’t strip your skin of necessary oils. It’s also enriched with purified lanolin, which replicates the oils found naturally in the skin, moisturising and hydrating while maintaining a protective barrier. My best description of the scent would be mildly plastic, but it doesn’t linger so shouldn’t bother you too much! I use this morning & night when my dermatitis flares up, and my skin feels refreshed, hydrated and calm pretty much straight away. People suffering from dry skin or eczema would really benefit from using it regularly. It’s also available in 500ml and 1L pump bottles, which are handy if you’re using it for your whole family.

Alpha Keri Moisturising Lotion* ($9.95)
This incredibly concentrated moisturiser should be a staple for anyone with sensitive skin. It provides immediate relief from dry, scaly or itchy skin, and can also assist in relieving sunburn, shaving rash, nappy rash  or prickly heat. Along with the cleanser, this lotion is also enriched with lanolin oil, which holds up to 400 times its weight in water, giving an incredible moisture boost whilst forming a non-occlusive breathable barrier, protecting the skin. The consistency is quite thin, so a little bit goes a very long way, but the formula is quite greasy. For extra dry skin, it would be a godsend, but I can only use it at night to get the full benefits. Daytime use just causes a greasy, shiny mess on my face – which is not worth it, no matter how itchy I am! The scent is quite strong and distracting, a fake floral/powder smell, which I’ve read could be the lanolin? But for the price point and the potency, it’s worth it! Also available in 500ml and 1L pump bottles.

QV Face Gentle Cleanser* ($12.75)
The life of a skincare blogger is fabulous, but it can play havoc with your skin! So this QV cleanser is the one product I rely on to cleanse effectively and efficiently, no matter the state of my skin. This gentle creamy formula cleans and rehydrates, while repairing the skin’s barrier function. It contains vitamin E for added moisture as you cleanse, glycerin to maintain water levels in the skin, and is pH balanced and non-comedogenic so it won’t block your pores. It’s no surprise that it was a finalist for Best Cleanser in the Women’s Health 2014 Beauty Hall of Fame Awards! Make sure you have this on hand for skin emergencies. But word of caution regarding it’s efficiency at removing makeup – if you’re wearing waterproof mascara, or heavy duty foundation, you’ll need to double cleanse, as it’s not quite strong enough for that purpose. Also available in a 500ml pump bottle.

QV Face Moisturising Day Cream ($14.99)
This lightweight, non-greasy cream combines the benefits of a moisturiser with the protection of an SPF30+ sunscreen. It was created specifically for the sensitive skin of the face and neck, and it nourishes and hydrates while providing protection from the sun’s damaging rays and premature ageing of the skin. The formula is quite watery, which means that the sunscreen can work its magic without clogging my pores. This is great news, because not including a sunscreen in your daily routine will increase your risk of sun spots, pigmentation, premature ageing and of course, potentially cancerous cells. Not to sound scary, but the sun can leave your skin incredibly vulnerable, so finding a moisturiser with SPF that works with my skin is something I’m happy to preach about! This cream is also fragrance and colour free, and it absorbs quickly, so you can apply it and move right along, without waiting for it to dry or for the scent to settle. I love when it’s this easy!

Sensitive Skincare Alpha Keri QV Face

While they all have their unique benefits, these four products actually work even better together! So if you have the budget and shelf space, I’d suggest the QV Cleanser and Day Cream for use in the morning, and the Alpha Keri Wash and Lotion for use at night. Hello happy skin!

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