Sneak Peek Saturday #4

Sneak Peek Permascara Kit

I’ve become slightly obsessed with my brows since discovering the Australis Brow Tint – and my eyelashes are still a novelty 4 years after having iLasik – but I just want more!! So sometime over the next week, I’m going to attempt to use the very scientific looking Julienne 45 Day Permascara lash & brow dye kit* in the hopes that it will define my brows and enhance my long (but sparse) lashes for a full 45 days. I do have an awful habit of forgetting about my mascara and rubbing my eyes during the day, so if this stuff actually reduces the need for mascara on a regular basis, I would be a very happy girl! And I’m really not too sure what to expect with my brows, so it will be interesting to see what this does for them. If all goes well, this little pack promises up to 12 applications, so for only $16.95 it would be amazing value.

Obviously I want to give you a full 45-day review of these, so my post won’t be up until probably the final week of May – but if you have any tips for application (I’m a little anxious about this, especially with the giant ‘POISON’ in the top corner!), or if there’s something you’d be particularly curious to know about the Permascara, please leave a comment below and I’ll make sure to address everything in my review!

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