Smile Makers // good vibrations in the beauty aisle

Paddling the pink canoe. Double clicking the mouse. Polishing the pearl. Aside from bad euphemisms, female masturbation isn’t something we’re particularly vocal about, but one brand is here to break social boundaries & change the conversation. It’s time to indulge in some ménage à moi thanks to Smile Makers personal massagers, available exclusively through Priceline stores nationwide.

Smile Makers personal massagers available exclusively in Priceline

The decision to stock Smile Makers in a family-friendly pharmacy chain seems like a bold move, but they’re busy trying to prove that it’s not. They want to remove the archaic stigma and make sexual wellbeing products a natural and healthy part of life.

And honestly, I envy the girls growing up with these on their local Priceline shelves, learning to embrace their sexuality as a normal part of life. My first foray into vibrators was a very different experience, involving a neon sign, a dark flight of stairs and lurid sex toys of all shapes & colours hanging from the wall. I walked out with your typical rabbit-style vibrator, and while it does the job, it doesn’t exactly make me feel sexy or empowered.

Enter Smile Makers. Their massagers are inspired by some of the top fantasies from women around the globe, with each one shaped to provide exquisite pleasure. I was lucky enough to be gifted two of these gentlemen; the Frenchman* and the Surfer* (side note: the Surfer was actually designed with Australian surf culture in mind!). Both are external massagers, perfect for self-love, exploration and foreplay. The unique designs are soft and feminine, made from super-smooth, 100% body-safe, food-grade silicone, and are water-proof and easy to clean. The little smiley face on each product helps too 😉

Smile Makers finding sexual self-love on the shelves of Priceline

Developed and designed in Australia by Ian Swanson – who is also the Global Creative Director for Jurlique – the products & packaging have won numerous awards both here and overseas:

  • Cannes Lions:
    • Silver – Packaging design
  • Stevie Awards:
    • Gold – Consumer Products
  • AWARD Awards Sydney:
    • Bronze – Product Design
    • Silver – New Product Development
  • One Show Awards NYC:
    • Gold – Product Design
    • Gold – Packaging Design

Which only shows how innovative & overdue these designs are! In developing the range, Smile Makers came across some startling statistics – did you know that only 47% of women have used a vibrator, yet 96% of women positively view other women who own sexual wellbeing products? It’s like owning a vibrator is seen as brave, which shouldn’t be the case. Don’t just admire women who have vibrators – buy one for yourself! They’re an easy way to spice things up in the bedroom, and with the Smile Makers range priced between $24.99 – $49.99, it’s an inexpensive investment in your sexual satisfaction. Plus, it’s scientifically proven that sexual wellbeing relieves stress, combats depression, counters insomnia, boosts the immune system and improves self-esteem!

And of course, Smile Makers are more than just massagers; they also stock a range of lubricants, as an alarming 80% of women have experienced pain as a result of vaginal dryness. Ouch! I received the Little Light Liquid* which is perfect for women who need a little extra help with vibrators or during foreplay. It’s been designed to mimic natural lubrication, meaning it’s super light and unscented. And since it’s being used on such a sensitive area, they’ve included a natural liquorice root extract that helps counter the irritation that may be caused by friction. Plus, the bottles are luxurious enough to look like expensive skin care. No one will bat an eyelid seeing these on your bathroom shelves!

Smile Makers vibrators available exclusively in Priceline

Keen to find out more? Smile Makers have created some really cute ‘how to’ videos for each of their massagers! Visit their YouTube channel to watch. And of course, head to your local Priceline store to see them for yourself.

As Mark Wahlberg says, come on now feel the vibration… 😉


How do you feel about Smile Makers vibrators being available in Priceline pharmacies?


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