Skrub the day away!

There’s nothing sexier than silky, smooth skin! Don’t cover up this winter – develop a body care routine, and keep your skin summer-ready all year round. Melbourne brand Skrub make it easy with their line of body scrubs, packed with essential oils to suit your every desire. The range boasts 10 varieties: original, grapefruit, tea tree, mojito, espresso, peppermint, orange, macadamia, cinnamon sugar and lavender. They all feature a sea salt base, which was chosen for it’s rejuvenating effects on the skin, eliminating inflammation and improving skin barrier function.

I was lucky enough to try the Skrub Sea Salt and Argan Oil Body Scrub with Lavender*. When I opened the pack, the smell made me feel relaxed and cosy straight away. I was happy to see real pieces of lavender among the salt scrub, and the product itself is quite soft, not too harsh or gritty.

Lavender and Sea Salt Skrub

The most impressive thing about this body scrub is that it manages to be both refreshing and relaxing at the same time. It’s wonderful in the morning if you need to prepare for a busy day – but I prefer to use it at night when I can take the time to really pamper myself, sloughing away the stresses of the day in a nice warm bath. The lavender makes it perfect to use right before bed.

There are no instructions on the packaging, but I feel like a body scrub is fairly self-explanatory, right? Pour a small amount into your hand, and apply in a circular motion over your skin.

I use this to focus on my upper arms (which are prone to keratosis pilaris) and my knees. One issue I’ve had with other salt scrubs is that the product is sometimes not oily enough, and most of the scrub ends up falling onto the floor before I’ve been able to use it on my skin. The inclusion of coconut oil and argan oil in Skrub’s products means that the scrub sticks to the skin properly, nourishing and scrubbing at the same time – with minimal fallout! Plus both oils are wonderful for the skin, boosting hydration and smoothing imperfections.

Word of advice: these oils do tend to make bathroom surfaces a little slippery, so take care when using them.

Skrub Lavender and Sea Salt Body Scrub

My only gripe with this product would be the packaging. Once the product has been opened, the scrub gets stuck in the closure strips, so you can’t seal it again. This leaves it vulnerable to moisture, which causes the product to clump. You also lose the “Lavender Sea Salt” label when you tear it open, which would make hard if you purchased multiple varieties and couldn’t tell them apart. And finally, the label on the is the same across the entire range, which means that it mentions “salt / clay / coffee” even though this particular one doesn’t use clay or coffee in the ingredients.

These are all easy fixes though, and the product inside is definitely worth it! I’ve used this for 2 weeks now and still have 2/3 of the packet left, which is amazing for the $10.95 price tag.

Skrub Lavender and Sea Salt


Which Skrub would you choose?


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