Skinstitut cosmedicals: the next generation in skincare

Skinstitut cosmedicals: cleanser, micro peel and facial oil

It’s an exciting time for skincare right now, with so many options out there! No matter what skin type you have, there’s a product out there designed to help you achieve the healthy, glowing skin you deserve. And the latest innovation in the race for skin health are cosmedicals.

What are cosmedicals?

Using a medically and clinically proven blend of AHA, Retinoids, Vitamin C, Peptides, Antioxidant and SPF technology, cosmedicals are highly-active products typically prescribed by skin professionals. They work to reverse the effects of skin damage, delivering benefits deep inside the skin and restoring it to optimal health. They are often the last step before a prescription, and need to be used in specific dosage amounts. Due to the nature of the active ingredients, a period of change is expected in the first 2 weeks. The unhealthy skin will come to surface, before being replaced by new healthy skin cells. This is a sign that the ingredients are working, and it will settle within 2-3 weeks. Cosmedicals fix the underlying conditions rather than masking them.

The Skinstitut difference

Hailed as Australia’s fastest growing skincare brand, Skinstitut offer high quality, advanced formulations that deliver results without a massive price tag. In fact, every one of the Skinstitut cosmedicals retails for $45. They’re Australian made & owned, and have been around since 2008. I was recommended 3 products to try in order to address my sensitivity & redness concerns.

I used the Skinstitut Gentle Cleanser* first, which is targeted to delicate and sensitive skin. It contains antioxidants from green tea, goji berry, aloe vera, Vitamin E and cucumber oil, all of which combine to make it smell fresh and plant-y, which was very different to what I was expecting! The gel formula is thick, but also quite runny – which means it can get messy sometimes, and I’d personally prefer it in a pump bottle. But that’s my only complaint, because the product itself is fantastic! It cleans away all makeup and grime without any sensitivity, leaving my skin silky smooth and hydrated.

The Skinstitut Multi-Active Oil* surprised me, as I find facial oils can be very hit & miss with my sensitive/combination skin. But this one works wonders! Just let me list the oils used to help restore balance and health to your skin: macadamia, avocado, rosehip, calendula, safflower, jojoba, sunflower, pomegranate, olive, soya bean, geranium, and juniper – plus the addition of the miracle cell protection and energy production substance, CoEnzyme Q10. Phew! These all work together to strengthen skin integrity, protect against free radical damage and stimulate collagen production, nourishing your skin from the inside out. It absorbs quickly and easily, making it appropriate for night and day, and you only need 1 pump per use.

And my favourite has to be the Skinstitut Enzymatic Micro Peel*, an ultra gentle exfoliating mask that hydrates and softens the skin. But don’t let the word ‘exfoliating’ confuse you – this is a creamy formula, with no grit or beads. The exfoliation comes from the lactic acid & papaya extract, AHA’s that work their way into the surface of the skin to remove dead cells and improve moisture content. I simply whack it on clean skin, leave for 10-15 minutes, and then rinse off. If you have super dry skin, bad eczema, or if you’re recovering from clinical treatments, you can also use it as an intense overnight leave-on treatment.

Skinstitut cosmedicals: next generation in skincare

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