Royal Essence: a surprise in every candle

Candles are the easiest way to bring warmth and comfort to your home, and to create whatever atmosphere you’re in the mood for. I think there are more candles in my house than any other item. I can count six just from where I’m sitting right now! So when Royal Essence introduced me to their range of hand poured candles, I couldn’t resist – the Iced Lemon Biscotti candle* was in my shopping cart before I even knew what was happening!

Royal Essence Jewellery Candle Iced Lemon Biscotti

The website describes the Iced Lemon Biscotti as rich vanilla, sugar, lemon zest, sparkling bergamot and toasted hazelnut. But me, with my lesser olfactory talents, would describe the scent as a super sugary melting moment with lemon cream. The scent hits you in the face the moment you open the box, and it continues to get better once you light the wick and let it fill the house.

Each candle has a burning time of approximately 80 hours, with a long-lasting fragrance that doesn’t diminish as the wax gets lower. These are high quality candles, with eco-friendly soy wax and natural cotton wicks. They also offer unique scents, ranging from Fairy Bread to Freshly Cut Roses, and the jars are both sturdy and attractive as home decor.

The Royal Essence surprise

There’s also an exciting twist to the range: a ring worth between $10 – $2000 hidden inside each jar!

Simply light the wick, and wait for the candle to burn down enough that a little foil package is revealed. Then, once it’s exposed, remove with tweezers and extract the little ziplock bag from inside the foil. And ta-da, you’ve found your ring! There will be a price guide on a note inside,but to reveal the exact RRP, you need to post a photo to their Facebook Page and they’ll let you know in a reply.

Extracting the ring from the candle is messy – and brings a whole new meaning to tunneling! I had to cover the candle in foil for over two hours just to fix it. But it definitely adds an extra element of fun to the candle, and there was a sense of excitement waiting for the candle to burn down to the foil package.

I do have to mention that there was some confusion with the quality of the ring I received inside my candle. It was stamped with 925, indicating that it was made with sterling silver; however, when I showed it to my jeweller he advised that it wasn’t sterling silver. Royal Essence also confirmed this, stating that the band was electroplated using silver plating and is definitely a metal made up of alloys (brass & copper), so I’m unsure why it was stamped incorrectly. However they were very apologetic when I raised it with them, and assured me that the production team will be keeping a much closer eye on things from now on.

Royal Essence Candle Hidden Jewellery

Royal Essence Candle Secret Ring

Royal Essence Candle Hidden Ring

They also offer weekly giveaways if you sign up through their website, with candles, rings and gift vouchers.

However, my honest opinion is that the rings are an unnecessary gimmick. The candles are amazing on their own – the fragrances are evocative and long-lasting, and the designs on each jar are trendy yet timeless. The price matches other local brands, such as Glasshouse or Ecoya, but I feel like Royal Essence are selling themselves short by focusing on the rings rather than the quality of their candles.

Because it’s not the rings I’d go back for, it’s the genuinely great candles. I just need to decide between Green Apples or Lavender & Honey… which scent would you buy?

Royal Essence Candle Iced Lemon Biscotti

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