Review: Suvana Paw Paw & Honey Balm

Suvana Paw Paw and Honey Balm

Too much fun in the sun this summer? I have the perfect solution. My lips were saved over the silly season thanks to the Suvana Paw Paw & Honey Balm*. This 25g tube is the ideal size for your handbag, and it has travelled everywhere with me over the past month – to work, the beach, and I’ve even been reaching for this when going out at night, for a fresh look when I need a break from lipstick!

It’s made from 100% natural ingredients, including Paw Paw,  Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, Coconut Oil and Honey. And 98.1% of these ingredients are from organic farming (oddly enough the Paw Paw Extract is one of the 1.9% that’s non-organic [UPDATE: Suvana just missed the asterisk on the packaging – this will be fixed. The Paw Paw Extract is definitely organic!]). Keep in mind that natural ingredients may harden in cooler weather, so you might need to warm the tube in your hands before you use this if it’s coat-weather outside.

The key active ingredients are, of course, paw paw and honey. The paw paw is a rich source of nutrients and antioxidants, protecting against bacteria, slowing the rate of free-radical damage, and promoting healing. And the honey’s antibacterial properties fight infection and aid tissue healing by reducing inflammation and scarring. Also, the honey makes this smell divine!

I’ve used it predominantly on my lips, and it’s everything I hoped for. It absorbs quickly, leaving your lips moisturised without being sticky at all (ah, I love a lip balm over a lip gloss!). And this moisture boost lasts long after you’ve licked it all off. You could also use this to care for dry or irritated skin, to calm and protect against nappy rash, and to soothe cracked nipples – mothers, I think we’re looking at you here!

And to add to my gushing, the team behind Suvana really know what they’re doing. This balm is Australian owned and made, cruelty free, and contains no parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, petroleum, chemicals, preservatives or artificial colours and fragrances. So not only does it work for you, it also works for the environment around you (and Biscuit approves!). This will definitely be a handbag staple from now on!

The fine print:
Suvana Organic Paw Paw & Honey Balm 25g
RRP $7.95

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