Review: Sukin Cleansing Gel, Cleansing Lotion & Revitalising Facial Scrub

Sukin Cleansing Gel, Lotion, and Scrub


The good:
This is my holy grail morning facial cleanser – and I’ve had to specify ‘morning’ because the Dr LeWinn’s Cleansing Oil is my fave to use at night! It uses green tea and chamomile with a blend of cucumber and avocado oil, gently cleansing and removing excess oils, whilst retaining hydration. The soap-free gel is perfect for my combination skin, and is refreshing to use when I wake up to prepare my face for the day. I have tried the non-sensitive alternative in the past, and it definitely didn’t work quite so well in fending off my dermatitis, so the sensitive one takes the cake for me and my problem skin.

The bad:
Nada. It’s strong enough without irritating or drying out my skin. I use it every single morning – and if I’m trialling another skincare product that disagrees with my skin, this one comes along to save me.

And the packaging:
Fairly standard for a cleanser, I like the pump as it’s easy to use in the shower; however, this does mean you can’t travel with it. Or, it might have one of those ‘press down and twist to lock’ mechanisms, but seriously, who does that? You end up losing so much product!


The good:
I have to admit I bought this by mistake – I meant to buy the gel! So I figured I’d trial it anyway. Not the best for my skin, but I’ve asked my boyfriend to use it on his combination/dry skin, and he likes it! It helps when his skin is dry, especially after being in the sun all day playing cricket, and also clears up any breakouts that he gets from his shaving cream. (I’m totally getting him to trial some men’s skincare for me one day!). The luxurious formula of cucumber, aloe vera, rose hip, jojoba and avocado is water-soluble and you can either rinse off, or remove with cotton wool or a warm face cloth.

The bad:
The lotion is no good for oily skin, it just doesn’t slough off as much grime as I need it to. But when I did use it, my skin didn’t necessarily get a whole lot worse – it would just plod along, feeling a bit clogged with a few extra pimples.

And the packaging:
Same as above – Sukin keep it simple with their packaging, which works really well for them. This lotion isn’t too thick so it doesn’t clog or dry up in the pump, you always get a consistent amount coming out.


The good:
This is a fairly lightweight facial scrub which is perfect to use twice a week. It uses non-abrasive, micro particles of bamboo extract and ground walnut shells, combined with aloe vera, chamomile, rose hip, jojoba and sesame to soothe skin and restore moisture. I love this scrub because hey, I get pimples, and other scrubs can be far too harsh, scratching the surface off pimples and leaving ugly scars. This does the job without any discomfort!

The bad:
The very reason I love it could be the reason why other people might not like it – it doesn’t feel like the scrubs we are used to, it’s not grainy enough and doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve scrubbed off a layer of skin. It depends what you want from a scrub!

And the packaging:
The 125ml tube is a great size for the shower, or for your toiletries bag if you’re travelling, and it’s easy enough to squeeze the product out as the tube is fairly flexible.


The fine print:
Sukin Cleansing Gel (sensitive) 125ml
RRP $9.95  (purchased from Priceline)

Sukin Cleansing Lotion (sensitive) 125ml
RRP $9.95 (purchased from YouSave Chemist)

Sukin Revitalising Facial Scrub 125ml
RRP $9.95 (purchased from Priceline)

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