Review: Sugar and Butter Lip Polish in Strawberries & Cream

Strawberries & Cream Lip Polish pack

The good:
You know that feeling when you open a beauty product, and it smells so good that your stomach immediately starts to grumble? And although it wins you over with the smell, it’s also slightly disappointing that it’s not actually edible? Well, this Sugar and Butter Lip Scrub smells of strawberries and sugar and complete decadence – and you can eat it once you’ve used it!

Ok so I don’t think it’s a good idea to eat it by the spoonful, and they do recommend that you wipe it away using a soft cloth, but I have taken to just licking it off instead – shh, I can’t help it! I have no self control when something smells this good.

Sugar and Butter have a wide and delicious range of Lip Polishes available, including Vanilla Latte, Peach & Sweet Orange, and Lemonade – but I chose the Strawberries & Cream, which I do not regret! The natural & organic ingredients consist of sugar, shea butter, coconut oil, castor oil, vitamin E and real crushed fresh strawberries.

Using the spatula provided, you scoop out a small amount and apply to your lips. Massage in a circular motion for 30 seconds, and then wipe (or lick!) off – or leave on for a minute to let the goodness soak in. It’s an easy process, not too rough but enough that you can feel it working, and it really does leave your lips noticeably smooth and supple. I’ve taken to using it once a week,  and you only need a tiny amount. It needs to be used within 12 months (although 6-8 would be better), and the consistency can change depending on the weather & where you store it – the coconut oil in particular will cause it to become slightly firmer in colder seasons and soften in warmer seasons.

And the company itself is one to watch – they have a fantastic sense of social responsibility, donating to and supporting the World Society for the Protection of Animals, Edgar’s Mission, and the National Breast Cancer Foundation – gotta love that!

Strawberries & Cream Lip Polish

The bad:
It’s happened a few times that I’ve tried to apply it to my lips, only for it to clump together and fall straight off. I assume it’s because of the shea butter & coconut oil, giving a more solid base rather than it being runny, but it’s just a texture thing that I’ve had to get used to as I’ve never used a proper lip scrub before (and I definitely wouldn’t want it to be runny). So just to keep in mind when applying, press it in and spread it out that way before you start massaging in circular motions.

And the packaging
It really goes to show – a little bit of effort goes a long way! I was so excited when my order arrived, and I found this gorgeous pink box with a ribbon around it. Definitely a great first impression. The actual tub itself is fairly practical, with a cute, simple label, and the spatula is a nice addition, keeping it hygienic. And I like the idea that I could potentially rinse it out when I finish, and attempt to store my own homemade lip scrub inside!

My only complaint is that it’s only a 20g tub – and it costs $15.95 plus an unavoidable $6.50 postage cost (unless you spend over $100), so this actually cost me $22.45 for 20g. When you compare it to the Lush lip scrubs, which are $9.95 for 25g, it’s really quite outrageous. And you can only purchase from their website, BellaBox, or one specific retailer in Williamstown VIC.


The fine print:
Sugar and Butter Lip Polish in Strawberries & Cream
RRP $15.95 (purchased online)

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