Review: SHE Pure Magic Primer

Om SHE Aromatherapy Pure Magic Primer

My search for the perfect primer really took hold when I was trialing the Australis Paparazzi Perfect foundation back in January. I’m not one to wear liquid foundation every single day, so two solid weeks of it was causing my skin to suffer – and the primers I had just weren’t cutting it.  Then I stumbled across this little miracle tube tucked away in Priceline, and I’ve been gushing about it ever since. My revelation? It’s better than Benefit POREfessional. Not a perfect dupe – but a perfect alternative!

The SHE Pure Magic Primer provides the perfect base for flawless, lasting makeup. The silky, mousse-like texture minimises pores & softens those pesky fine lines, and Vitamin E protects and hydrates. This means that your skin is perfectly prepped and primed for makeup, while the primer continues to work away all day, keeping your skin clear and healthy. It doesn’t matter what products I use on top of this, my face is noticeably less shiny and my pores are reduced. Plus, when I cleanse at the end of the day, there’s no massive build up and my skin doesn’t attack me with dermatitis and acne- so that’s a major win!

In theory, you can also use this over makeup to blend and protect, but that just never works for me. I’m a pressed-powder girl all the way, sorry! I did try, but I’m not convinced it made much of a difference.

Om SHE Aromatherapy Pure Magic Primer formula

Om SHE Aromatherapy Pure Magic Primer vs Benefit POREfessional

Now to back up my it’s way better than POREfessional claim! The similarities lie in the ingredients; both products have the same 7 core ingredients (for those interested, these are: dimethicone, cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone crosspolymer, silica, dimethicone/vinyl dimethicone crosspolymer, polymethyl methacrylate & isononyl isononancate). And while the SHE Primer doesn’t look amazing when you put it next to the POREfessional (which has me craving smooth peanut butter…), that’s because it uses more natural ingredients. Instead of chemical emollients and fillers, it uses sweet almond oil to moisturise and soften the skin. So my skin laps it up and rewards me with a blemish-free canvas.

It’s the perfect compromise between a water-based primer and and a heavy SPF primer. And I’m hooked! I’ve already bought a backup for when I run out – although the 30ml tube lasts a surprisingly long time.

SHE Aromatherapy Pure Magic Primer  30ml  RRP $14.95

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