Review: SHE Aromatherapy Red Rice Exfoliating Powder

SHE Aromatherapy Red Rice Exfoliating Powder

It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for exfoliants, so I was excited to get my hands on the SHE Red Rice Exfoliating Powder* and I couldn’t get it open fast enough! After a little bit of trial and error (not enough water, too much water) I think I’ve figured it out. And I’m confident that this will be a regular fixture on my bathroom shelves. Read on to hear why I have fallen for what’s inside this little cardboard tube!

I hadn’t looked into red rice as an ingredient before, but I was pleasantly surprised by my research. Commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine, red rice brings balance to oily and combination skin. Perfect! This also uses corn starch, which mattifies oily skin and relieves itchy, sensitive skin. These are combined with lemon peel oil, ylang ylang and bergamot oil to help purify and refine pores, and they all work together to leave you feeling fresh and relaxed. These extra ingredients also added to the light, floral scent of this powder.

SHE Aromatherapy Red Rice Exfoliating Powder lid


SHE Aromatherapy Red Rice Exfoliating Powder back

This exfoliating powder scrubs away dead skin cells and improves circulation. SHE recommend pouring a teaspoon of powder (from the handy ‘shaker’ style opening) and combining it with “a small amount” of water. This definitely took some getting used to! The first time I didn’t use enough water, and it just turned into a mooshy paste that didn’t actually spread and just clumped on my face. The second time I went overboard and most of it disappeared over the side of my hands before they even made it up to my face. But I would not be deterred! The third time I added it slowly, mixing in my palms as I went, and finally got a perfect consistency.

SHE Aromatherapy Red Rice Exfoliating Powder texture

The powder doesn’t dissolve completely, so you get a slightly watery, grainy texture – but trust me, it works! Make sure you get scrubbing straight away, because it changes very quickly, but once you’ve figured out the right consistency, you’ll fall in love with this product. It’s a little bit harsher than I expected at first from a powder, but no real complaints about that. It just adds to the exfoliating-ness and leaves my skin feeling smoother than it has in a long time!

Side note – you can also add a cleanser instead of water for a completely different feel. It was slightly life-changing when I tried this! It helps if you’re feeling lazy and can’t be bothered cleansing then exfoliating.I’m a big fan of shortcuts!

I’ve seen this compared to both the Dermalogica Microfoliant or the L’occitane Exfoliating Rice Powder, and while I haven’t tried either of these, the SHE powder seems to be an acceptable – and far cheaper – dupe for these popular products. It would depend on your skin type & budget! But for $19.95 this is an absolute bargain, and will last you at least 2-3 months of solid use. And it’s free from sulphates, parabens, formaldehyde, mineral oils and soaps – AND it’s cruelty free! Keeping the environment and Biscuit happy. I dare you not to re-purchase this!


The fine print:
SHE Aromatherapy Red Rice Exfoliating Powder 50ml   RRP $19.95

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