Review: Savvy by DB Long Lasting Matte Lipsticks

It’s been a little while. Sorry for the brief, unexpected hiatus, but you know – life. Sometimes it just gets in the way! I appreciate everyone who kept visiting, and hopefully I’m back on track again now.  On we go!

Savvy long lasting matte lipstick

I got a wonderful surprise a few weeks ago when I discovered that Savvy is an Australian owned brand –  and so I quickly pulled these bright lipsticks from the back of my stash, excited that I would actually be able to feature them here! Savvy by DB is a budget range of cosmetics, exclusive to Priceline, with plenty of limited edition ranges and dupes for the more expensive brands. They also have regular sales (I got these in a 3 for 2 sale, plus a bronzer to be reviewed later), making them even more irresistible. And when I got an eyeful of these colourful matte lipsticks, I just couldn’t say no.

These long lasting matte lipsticks were – I believe – a limited range when I purchased them. On the Priceline website right now, they still have long lasting matte lipsticks, and they still have a Maui and a San Fran; however, the colour swatches don’t match at all. I checked in store, and the equivalent to my Maui would now be Tiger Lily, and San Fran becomes Vegas. So just keep that in mind if you end up looking at these in store. Just go off the colours at the bottom of the tubes – which is a feature I just love, because you can grab the right one from your own collection with just a quick glimpse.

You get pretty much everything you expect with these lipsticks – they’re super creamy with incredible colour pay-off, at an affordable price. They do have fantastic staying power, provided you prepare your lips with a lip scrub first, and then blot and blot again when applying (ah, memories of my Mum leaving lipstick stained tissues in every bin in the house!). One bonus with these is that they contain jojoba oil, so they are less drying than you would expect from a matte lipstick. Although I’m not sure if it’s a feature of matte lipstick, or I just eat like a grub – but it unfortunately wears off from the inside out when you’re eating, leaving you with a ridiculously bright lip liner if you’re not careful! I’d say it lasts up to 3 hours without eating.
Savvy long lasting matte lipstick san fran maui

The San Fran does have a bit of glitter to it, but this isn’t obvious when you wear it, simply giving it a little more oomph and a little less Barbie. The Maui is just WOAH and a fun twist on the tangerine trend. The fact that they are creamy and pigmented means that you get a lot of colour in one swipe, and this can sometimes settle in weird places, so apply slowly and evenly and prepare to be impressed with the results.

I’m still a little unsure about matte lipsticks. It was the colour that first drew me to these, but they do take extra effort to wear, and I’m just naturally lazy. However, the colours are so incredible and pigmented, that it’s totally worth the extra preparation and touch-up trips – even for me!

The fine print:
Savvy Long Lasting Matte Lipstick 2.8g in Maui & San Fran
RRP $6.99

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