Review: Organic Instinct Natural Shampoo & Conditioner

Organic Instinct Natural Shampoo and Conditioner

I’ve previously reviewed the Natural Instinct Body Wash – and this is the same brand, but their completely organic range of haircare. Ah, new shampoos make me so happy! I just love lathering up, and seeing the result once my hair dries. And the Organic Instinct Natural Shampoo & Conditioner* are good for my hair and for the environment – win win!

Both of these products contain lavender, nettle and pro-vitamin B5. The lavender helps with dandruff and itching, and assists in controlling hair breakage and improving hair growth – plus it makes the products smell divine! The nettle is anti-inflammatory, astringent and bactericidal. And the pro-vitamin B5 hydrates and binds moisture to the hair. The result is a generic shampoo & conditioner that is suitable for all hair types. It’s gentle on fine hair and strong enough for thick hair.

My main problem with the shampoo is that it doesn’t lather as much as I like – a result of organic shampoos, sure, but it means that I end up using more than I really need to just so it covers my hair. I imagine this would be harder if you had thick hair! And it definitely doesn’t assist with hair breakage, as I’ve been pulling significantly more hair out of the drain since switching from my David Babaii products. But the conditioner is luxurious and creamy, and attempts to make up for its counterparts’ shortcomings. My hair does indeed feel soft and manageable; however, it is quite flat and oily by the end of the day and if I’m going out straight from work then I have to rely on dry shampoo for a boost.

I found myself reaching for these products on my in-between days, and whilst they haven’t set my world on fire, I will most likely repurchase the conditioner to use on the days when my hair doesn’t need such a deep clean. They are totally affordable, and work well when my hair is behaving.

The fine print:
Organic Instinct Natural Shampoo & Conditioner 250ml
RRP $7.95 each

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