Review: Natural Instinct face care range

Natural Instinct Face Care range

I’ve been using this range since late last year, and they look so great sitting in my bathroom – they just brighten everything up! Natural Instinct are a local brand that really want to make a difference; their products are cruelty free, 100% vegan, grey-water safe and they use certified organic ingredients where possible. I’ve shouted their praise on two previous occasions, and continue to be impressed. While I would love to be able to afford a cupboard full of Jurlique and Aesop – I work in publishing, so this means that I get incredibly excited when I find affordable skincare brands that actually do what they say!  We all love a bargain, right? And every product in this post costs a wonderful $9.95 – so keep reading!

I want to introduce you to the Natural Instinct Foaming Cleanser*, which has become a staple in my skincare routine. I’m almost out and have already bought a back-up! It boasts lavender, rosehip and pro-vitamin B5 to refresh, clarify and rejuvenate the skin. It’s the perfect everyday cleanser for oily/combination skin, as it gently and thoroughly removes all dirt and grime, leaving my skin feeling fresh and awake. It foams up nicely, and doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight or stripped of oils. It’s right up there with the Sukin Cleansing Gel in my mind! However, if your skin is on the dry side, the Natural Instinct Cream Cleanser* is your new best friend. It uses jojoba, witch hazel and pro-vitamin B5 to cleanse, freshen and revive. It’s gentle yet effective, and your skin feels replenished and soft, restoring oils and preparing the skin for moisturiser. I find that it doesn’t clean my skin fully if I use it at the end of the day, but that’s mostly due to my oily skin. If I use it in the morning, followed by a toner, it feels quite luxurious!

If you’re looking for something with a little more grit, you’ll love the Natural Instinct Facial Scrub*. It uses my new favourite ingredient – walnut shell powder (Sexy Sadie can tell you more!) – to gently buff and exfoliate the skin. It then calls on jojoba and pro-vitamin B5 to restore moisture and leave the skin glowing. One secondary ingredient I want to mention is burdock – known for clearing up acne, eczema and psoriasis due to its antiseptic properties. So in a scrub, this works a real treat!

The Natural Instinct Clarifying Toner* feels and smells like summer. It contains rosewater, witch hazel and orange flower to refresh, tone and purify. It has a fresh, orange scent – but lighter than that sounds, and it doesn’t linger. It doesn’t sting or irritate the skin, and I find that it actually calms my skin down when I’m suffering from dermatitis or just having a fussy skin day. It soothes and returns the skin to its ideal pH balance, leaving it primed for moisturiser.

Speaking of! This brings us to the Natural Instinct Daily Moisturiser*, a light moisturising cream that is easily absorbed and works for most skin types. Made with jojoba, rosehip and pro-vitamin B5, it hydrates, enriches and softens. This means that it restores moisture while keeping oil in check, and my skin actually feels plump and touchable after using it regularly (using the word ‘touchable’ makes me feel like a total tosser – but it’s true!). It clears up both acne and eczema, and doesn’t clog your pores. I only need a tiny amount for my face, as a little bit goes a long way (does anyone remember that Jessica Simpson song?).

Overall, a fabulous range of low-cost skincare products – with something to suit every skin type. If you would like a full list of ingredients for each product, you can find everything HERE.

The fine print:
Natural Instinct Face Care full product range
Foaming Cleanser 110ml  RRP $9.95
Cream Cleanser 125ml  RRP $9.95
Facial Scrub 125ml  RRP $9.95
Clarifying Toner 125ml  RRP $9.95
Daily Moisturiser 125ml  RRP $9.95

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