Review: Natural Instinct Body Wash

Natural Instinct Body Wash

The good:
I have an admission to make. When my previous body wash ran out, I used my boyfriend’s soap instead, for a whole week. I know! Don’t yell!! My skin was so dry and sad, and I’ve learnt my lesson, I promise.

So when I was in Priceline scouring the shelves for a new one to try, the ingredients in this really stood out for me: jojoba, lavender and the magical pro-vitamin B5. I still can’t really explain what pro-vitamin B5 does, except that it equals shine and moisture and goodness (actually, if you’re interested to know more about these ingredients, they have a really handy page explaining all of the ingredients they use in their products). It’s also toxic-free, which fits in with the impending arrival of summer and the trend for clean living (which can only be good, for our bodies and for the environment).

This bottle of Natural Instinct Body Wash claims that it ‘Cleanses, Refreshes & Softens’, and that is exactly what it does. It is a gentle body wash, with minimal lather so it doesn’t dry out your skin, but enough power behind it that you are left feeling squeaky clean. When you rinse it off, your skin feels hydrated and soft. It doesn’t have a super strong smell, just a hint of essential oils, which is great because it won’t clash with any perfume or sprays you use afterwards.

Natural Instinct Body Wash - back of bottle

You might notice the ‘Natural Ingredient Standard’ logo on the bottle. This  is a benchmark of naturalness, safety and effectiveness set by Natural Instinct for their products. According to their website, it ensures that:

– All ingredients must be as close to nature and as minimally processed as possible
– Formulations must exclude our list of 400+ potentially harmful chemicals
– Formulations must deliver results for our customers
– All products must be safe for the entire family
– All ingredients must have minimal environmental impact

The bad:
After using the body wash for two weeks, I was really struggling to think of a bad. And now, after exploring their website, I’m glad I couldn’t! The Natural Instinct products and the ideals behind them are so pure that I will definitely be paying more attention to their range.

And the packaging:
This body wash comes in a 500ml or a 1L pump bottle. I purchased the 500ml and it’s a great size. I only need one or two pumps to cover me from shoulders to thighs, so it will last a long time & is definitely value for money. Here’s a photo from the website – I didn’t see the 1L when I was shopping, but I actually prefer the 500ml anyway as I love a slimline bottle.



The fine print:
Natural Instinct Body Wash 500ml
RRP $11.95 (purchased at Priceline)

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  • Sounds really awesome! Great find! 🙂

  • We used to stock Natural Instincts at my work (Chemmart), but the packaging never caught anyone’s eye. It seems they’ve updated the packaging now which is awesome! It was such a bummer that it didn’t sell as well as other brands due to a very generic label! Glad to see they’re around still 🙂 Xx

    • Oh that’s so interesting – no wonder I hadn’t noticed the brand until recently! I’m keen to try out some more in the future x

  • This looks great! I may have to give it a try. Great Review 🙂

  • Must Have Boxes

    I bet this body wash smells amazing!

    – KW

    • It smells great when you’re using it but then doesn’t hang around & interfere with perfume!

  • Hi Amy, well we really do shop at the same places and like the same products. I’ve been using Natural Instincts products for about 10yrs now and wouldn’t use anything else…..yes they have just updated their packaging from a simple white bottle with blue writing on it to what it is now. If you love their body wash you’ll love their shampoo and conditioner too they’re great products. The fact it was completely chemical free is what made me switch to it years ago after learning what ingredients were in mainstream products and what damage they can do to us inside as well as outside. If you go chemical free now your skin will love you or it in years to come….I even take my own body wash when I go away as not many people use it and I hate that dry feeling normal soap leaves behind……enjoy your body wash….xo Michelle

    • Thanks Michelle – I’m definitely reading up more on going chemical free, it’s hard but there are a lot of great brands out there now trying to make it easier. Sounds like you’ve got some great advice to give so please keep coming back 🙂 x

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