Review: Natio Nail Colour in ‘Lovely’

Natio Nail Colour Lovely

The good:
The name of the shade says it all – this Natio nail colour really is completely lovely.The photo doesn’t show it completely true to shade (definitely considering making a light box…), but it’s a fairly close match. It sits nicely in between pastel and bright, giving you a pop of colour without clashing against your outfit.

The formula is an absolute dream. It’s fast drying, contains no formaldehyde, and is the complete opposite of streaky. It just glides on! Only two coats are needed for complete opacity, and it actually lasts a good 4-5 days without chipping.

The bad:
It’s a nail polish, so with my awful nails I can’t expect miracles – I still need a base coat and a top coat.

And while the basic range of Natio nail colours comes in 14 shades, there isn’t actually a lot of variety – it stretches from neutrals to pink to red. So while the colours are nice enough, I think I’d only need another 3-5 and I’d have the range covered.

(However they do have two more special release ranges, Little Treasures and Pearl & Pop, and I plan on nabbing a few of these as well!)

Natio Nail Colour Lovely label

And the packaging:
I love the little square bottles, they look sleek and modern – and the lid is big enough to hold in your hand while using the brush, it’s comfortable without being fiddly. I think the bottle would be my main motivation to get more, the one that I have needs a line of friends πŸ˜‰


The fine print:
Natio Nail Colour in Lovely (15ml)
RRP $9.95 (purchased from Priceline)

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