Review: Modcloth’s DIY Lip Exfoliator

Modcloth DIY Lip Exfoliator
(image source: Modcloth)

The good:
Winter is almost over, and I can tell you my lips have just about had enough. Constant changes in temperature, heating, wind… I almost can’t remember a time when they weren’t chapped. I’ve been lathering lip balms and pawpaw ointment like nobody’s business, and that’s when I came across this great recipe/infographic from Modcloth. Total lifesaver! I mean, there’s only so much lip balm can do (which is why I collect more skincare products than makeup, nothing beats a great base).

The ingredients for this all natural lip scrub are cheap and easy to find, and there’s only three of them: brown sugar, honey and olive oil. Voila! All you need it a small dish to mix them in, and you’re ready to go. It smells and tastes good enough to eat! You just need to rub a little bit of the mixture over your lips for around 1 minute (the time is up to you – I did more because it felt so luxurious!), and then either wipe with a damp towel or rinse with water. It’s that easy for smooth, kissable lips.

Follow this up with your favourite lip balm, and you’ll notice that it works so much better – that’s because the lip balm can properly hydrate now that your lips have been exfoliated. It also helps create a smooth base for lipsticks, which is a problem I always have – the lipstick constantly settles into the cracks and looks trashy. If only I’d figured this out sooner! Hello lipsticks….. Β πŸ˜‰

I’ve also read other combinations, so this is definitely something you can experiment with yourself – just so long as you have one ingredient to exfoliate (the brown sugar) and one to moisturise (the honey and olive oil).

The bad:
This is probably just personal opinion, but I would add more brown sugar that the honey & olive oil. I like to actually feel the scrub doing its job. This does of course mean you need a heavier lip balm to apply afterwards, as they will need immediate hydration.

And the packaging:
The fabulous graphic from Modcloth makes it look so pretty and attractive… mine just became a brown gooey puddle. But it will last for a little while so it’s worth putting in a tiny little container of your own to keep on hand (but note that the sugar tends to dissolve more the longer you leave it).


Has anyone tried this particular recipe – either previously, or since reading this post?

Or do you have a DIY Lip Exfoliator that you swear by (and feel like sharing)?

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