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About Amy | The Foolish Obsession

Amy is a bunny-owning, floral-loving Sydney girl, excited to bring her love of Australian beauty, skincare & lifestyle services to a larger audience.

  • I ♥ these face wipes. I recently got them at the recent Vogue online sale =) With the size, I cut mine in half. Not exactly 100% sanitary but just keep the scissors sterilised and it’s not so bad.

  • I think you’ve sold me on the wipes! I think i’ll be adding them to my post spending ban shopping list, the different textured sides sound so interesting and effective! I might have to cut them in half like Sunshine suggested, dont want them to go to waste!

    • Definitely give them a go – a reward for finishing your spending ban (I’m still impressed you didn’t break in the Priceline sale!). And I’m cutting them in half now as well 🙂

  • I’ve never seen this brand before. Thanks for the review!!

    • It’s an Aussie brand started by Olympic swimmer Michael Klim & his wife. Really gorgeous skincare!

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  • Beautiful Bedlam

    Great post! I am really keen to try these out, I’m a bit cynical when it comes to wipe so when i read a good review I jump on it <3 These sound great and I'm a big Milk & Co fan. We did a Milk & Co. review also, please check it out if you get the chance xoxo viagra rx in canada