Review: Le Tan Wash Off

Le Tan Wash Off Instant Tan

I have a confession to make: I’ve never used fake tan. Not a spray. Not a cream. Not even one of those gradual tanning products. So when I received the Le Tan Wash Off* instant spray tan, I was very wary. But I am definitely drawn to anything that promises easy removal – just in case it all goes terribly wrong – so I finally decided to give it a go. And what can I say – I found summer in a spray bottle. SO easy, no ridiculous streaks, no awful chemical smell – just perfectly bronzed skin.

The Wash Off instant tan comes in two shades: Bronze and Deep Bronze. Now it might not look like it in the photos below, but I have a medium skin tone (I used to be able to say I had olive skin, until office life stole my natural tan) – so next time I go back, I’ll be trying the Deep Bronze instead, because it did take 3 applications to really make a difference on my skin. But it was super easy! Simply shake, spray from 15cm away (don’t be alarmed if you end up with messy spots here and there if you get too close), and then even out with your hands/mitt using circular motions. It dries in 60 seconds, and doesn’t budge after that, including no transfer onto your clothes. Totally waterproof as well, so you don’t have to worry if you get stuck in a downpour, or if you get the sudden urge to go for a swim. See the difference below – it looks darker inside (and my sandal tan is more obvious, oops) but when you get outside you can see it’s a smooth, sunkissed bronze. Perfect!

Le Tan Wash Off Instant Tan legs comparison

6 hours after application, I had a shower. I purposely only washed one patch with soap, because I wanted to see the difference. And – WOW! I’d actually forgotten how much tan was still on my legs – I guess I just got used to it, because I thought maybe it had faded. But apparently not. The below leg was completely immersed in water, and then one strip was washed with soap. And can I just say, I dried it almost straight away, and no residue on the towel either. Completely waterproof, and when you use soap, it washes away clean. SO IMPRESSED YOU GUYS!

Le Tan Wash Off Instant Tan after water

So my verdict? I will definitely be finishing and repurchasing this. Nothing better than a sunless tan – because while I love the warmer weather, I can’t stand when people get sunburnt. We should all know better than that by now. So fake it baby – an instant tan with no commitment, it’s a win win!

The fine print:
Le Tan Wash Off in Bronze 100g
RRP $14.99

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