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Kevin Murphy Plumping Line shampoo and conditioner

When I received a press release for the new Kevin Murphy line, I may have squealed a little bit. I was lucky enough to meet Kevin a few years ago at a small workshop in Sydney, where I sat in as a hair model for a friend – and I was completely in awe of his knowledge and expertise. So I jumped at the chance to trial the Kevin Murphy Plumping.Wash and Plumping.Rinse*, with the promise of thicker, stronger hair dancing about in my head. Anyone who has to clean their hair out of the drain EVERY SINGLE DAY will understand why I was so excited about this range, as I am desperate for hair loss and thinning to be a thing of the past.

“Hair loss can affect up to 40 percent of women and this can be a devastating event,” says Murphy.

“The emotional stigma of hair loss is a big one and surrounded by lots of anxiety, so I wanted to create a range that was straightforward and had real therapeutic benefits, blending that technology with products that have styling abilities as well.”

These products are marketed as a densifying shampoo & conditioner for thinning hair. There is also a  leave-in treatment that rounds out the range, Body.Mass, which uses eyelash-thickening technology to give volume to hair – seriously, how good does that sound? Ahem, sorry, back to the shampoo & conditioner.

Kevin Murphy Plumping Line Wash and Rinse

The Plumping.Line boasts a very strong collection of ingredients. There’s ginger root to improve circulation, stimulate hair growth and control dandruff – it’s actually a commonly used hair treatment in Ayurvedic medicine. Then there are two very scientific-sounding ingredients, apigenin (a flavonoid from parsley with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties) and biotinyl-GHK (a tripeptide that increases the adhesion proteins that are responsible for keeping the hair rooted in the scalp, commonly called Vitamin H),which improve the microcirculation of the scalp and are used to treat baldness. How about rice protein and rice amino acids? They are rich in vital nutrients needed for hair repair and strength, and have been referred to as nature’s thickening and volumizing extracts! There’s also nettle extracts, which contain powerful amino acids to encourage growth from the hair follicle. It has been proven that nettle can prohibit the production of the hormone DHT, which is the major hormone associated with excessive hair loss. And the last of the major ingredients is oleanolic acid (from the lovely hemsleya root), which fortifies the hair from the root and helps fight follicle ageing – it does this by working with the nettle extracts to stop the formation of DHT. Go team!

Feeling impressed, but a little overwhelmed? Don’t worry, the research part is done. Now I want to talk about the RESULTS! I was able to use these products for a full 4 weeks, and saw a considerable change in the final week. Initially, I fell MADLY in love with the scent. Seriously, my boyfriend would find me just sitting there, smelling my hair. I made two colleagues smell it. I’m even tempted to take it to a perfume store and try to find something very similar! It’s a hard scent to describe – I would say it’s a very musky, woody scent that is almost unisex – but the KM blog claims that the fragrance contains “White Florals, Orchid Extracts and Citrus Extracts”, so you’ll just have to smell it for yourself! Whatever it is, it’s completely divine.

Kevin Murphy Plumping.Wash

Kevin Murphy Plumping.Rinse

After about a week, I noticed that the new hairs coming through were stronger and thicker. Mainly – they were standing at attention and refusing to lie-the-heck down! For someone with thin hair, this was quite frustrating. However, after 3 weeks, they were behaving themselves and actually adding volume. Not only that – but I was noticing significantly less hair falling out. I actually made it out of the shower one morning without having to clean the drain at all! MAJOR brownie points for this one you guys. Because it is my boyfriend’s pet hate having my hair clogging up the shower, and even he has noticed a difference. But it will take a good 3-4 weeks to really alter the anagen (active growth) phase of the hair cycle, so make sure you give this a solid effort. It will definitely pay off!

The only drawback here is that you’ll need to be prepared to fork out some serious cash to keep your hair looking good – at just under $35 per bottle, it’s a small fortune for a lot of us, but I honestly believe it’s worth every cent if you have hair loss anxiety and need a confidence boost. I’ve received countless compliments on my hair in the past month (it’s so much thicker! shinier! can I touch it?), and am already eyeing off my local Kevin Murphy stockist to make sure they have the Plumping.Line available for when these run out!

Launched in May, you can find these products at a local salon using the Kevin Murphy Salon Finder.

The fine print:
Kevin Murphy Plumping.Line
Plumping.Wash 250ml RRP $33.95
Plumping Rinse 250ml RRP $34.95

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