Review: Glamourflage Satin Sally Sleep Mask

Glamourflage Satin Sally Citrus Sleep Mask

You know those people who manage cruise to through each day on 4 hours of sleep? Or the ones that can fall asleep anywhere, in any condition? Yeah, well, that’s not me. I need at least 8 hours of dark, comfortable beauty sleep. Preferably in my own bed. Always with a doona (even in summer, it drives my boyfriend mad!). But what if I could make those 8 hours work for me – and for my skin? Let me introduce you to Satin Sally*, a face mask from Glamourflage that works its magic while you’re asleep.

First of all – how darn cute is this packaging? I mean, it’s even got me saying darn. I feel like I should also have my hair in rollers and be wearing a long-sleeved nightie to bed. Glamourflage pride themselves on adding a dash of the 1950’s to your beauty and skincare routine, with gorgeous packaging and indulgent products. They also have cute little bio’s on their boxes. Meet Sally:

Glamourflage Satin Sally Citrus Sleep Mask story

Such a cute idea! And of course, the word ‘citrus’ is stamped all over this product – and for good reason. It has a deliciously strong, fresh citrus scent that lasts long after you’ve fallen asleep. Which is pretty impressive for a product with no natural citrus in the ingredients – in fact, the whole ingredients list is made up of unpronounceable chemicals that I’m not going to even pretend to know about: coco-glucowhatsy, phenoxywhosit, and so on. This review will be severely lacking in helpful information about what the mask actually does for your skin. Instead I’ll just tell you why I think it’s completely wonderful!

It’s easy enough to use – just apply it to clean skin at night, and then simply wash it off in the morning. You just need to lie back, and it will nourish your skin with vitamins E, A, F, H and B, regenerating your skin while you sleep! It has a thick consistency, but spreads easily so you only need a small amount. The lid snaps open to reveal 5 small holes, making it easier to squeeze the right amount without creating too much mess.

Glamourflage Satin Sally Citrus Sleep Mask consistency

And the result in the morning? My face feels fresher, it definitely combats excess oil, and it doesn’t upset my sensitive skin. Plus, there’s a slight old-school peel to it before you wash it off, which makes me feel like all the gunk and impurities have been lifted out of my skin and washed away. However, if I could give some advice – your pillow will be a bit gross after you’ve used this, so try and do it the night before you want to do some washing!

Have you used any Glamourflage products? I’ve got a few more that I’ll be rolling out over the next few months, and am excited to ‘meet’ some more of their fabulous characters.

The fine print:
Glamourflage Satin Sally Sleep Mask Citrus 260ml
RRP $29.95

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