Review: Glamourflage Lip Balms & Glitter Gel

Glamourflage Lip Balms and Glitter Gel

Allow me to introduce you to three stunning Glamourflage ladies: Lotus Lily, Magical Mary and Molly Minx*. Lily and Mary are here to provide moisture, protection and a SMACK of flavour, and Molly wants to bring some sparkle to the colder months (unless you’re in that other hemisphere, the one we won’t talk about while I’m sitting in front of the heater in my pj’s!). They are also ridiculously sexy, and I find myself wishing I could take on their individual personalities whenever I use these products. Just check out Lotus Lily’s sass! I have included all three bio’s below, because that’s basically my favourite aspect of any Glamourflage product. And how cute are the little tins themselves? You need theme in your collection purely so you can show them off!

Glamourflage Lip Balms and Glitter Gel tins

With winter in full swing now, my lips have been crying out for some extra attention – and I needed a little more oomph than my paw paw balm could provide. So I’ve been carrying these two tins around for a few weeks now. They both have very distinct and individual flavours: Lotus Lily is tangerine (fresh and tropical), and Magical Mary is honey peach (intoxicatingly sweet).

Lily swears, sleeps naked and likes Star Wars – no, moderation was never one of her virtues – in fact sometimes she could be so bad that you wonder whether her mother should have thrown her away and kept the stork. While some would call her kooky, Lil thinks of herself as merely ‘challenged’ where normality is concerned. She feels no need to play games or hide her feelings, clarifying from the off that while she may fancy the hell out of you, this isn’t a license to mess her around. She does concede that if she ever won Miss World she’d wish for even softer lips.

The basic ingredients in these are the same; they use beeswax and lanolin to soften and soothe, vitamin E to protect and repair, and castor oil leaves a transparent shine without feeling sticky. I find that it doesn’t last more than 2-3 hours before my lips start feeling dry again, but I do have a terrible habit of biting and licking my lips – and when I remember to use this regularly, my lips do feel soft and plump. And while the tins are sweet, your hands are pretty much a breeding ground for germs right? So I worry that I’m just spreading germs everywhere when I swipe my fingers across the top. That’s the main negative for these ladies, not that I think they would let germs bother them!

Mary is the original ‘Girl Power’: She is invincible! She is all-powerful! She is the business!  She is also up to her neck in trouble – or usually anyway!  Compared to her most of us can’t even manage joined-up thinking!

Glamourflage Lip Balms and Glitter Gel formula

Glamourflage Lip Balms and Glitter Gel with lids

Away from the lips and onto the rest of the body. Molly is a versatile lady, and can be utilised from the eyes, cheeks, neck, decolletage – they even suggest using it on the tops of your feet, which I will have to save until summer to try! You can be sure that wherever you use it, your skin will be looked after with a mix of shea butter, cacao butter, lanolin, beeswax and vitamin E. While cacao butter sounds delicious, this has a very definite chemical smell, with a hint of vitamin E. Which is unfortunate given how great the lip balms smell.

Fast and furious, long and leisurely – or at a more seductive steady pace –Molly grasps life by the vitals. She has no game plan, for poor is the woman whose pleasure depends on the permission of another. Whilst she claims she can open bottles with her teeth and eat fiery chillies raw – we take this with a good-sized Siberian salt mine. There is no keeping up with her as she four-wheel drives ahead without stopping for road-kill. She’s all singing, all dancing and all woman.

Glamourflage Molly Minx Glitter Gel

And of course, we need to talk about the glitter part of this glitter gel. It seems fairly subtle and innocuous – until your skin hits the light! I would recommend it as a bold alternative to illuminator for a night out on the town,and am curious about using it on my feet when I’m wearing strappy heels, but otherwise it’s probably a bit too much for me. It depends on your feelings towards glitter, but I’m just reminded of primary school dance routines – and much like the time we performed a dance to Rockin’ Robin and my feather headdress fell off in the middle, I feel like this draws attention to me in all the wrong ways.

So a little bit hit & miss with these, but definitely not enough to put me off. I’m already lusting after the Bijou Bec Lip Balm because it apparently smells like raspberry! Have you used these before?


The fine print:
Glamourflage Lotus Lily Lip Balm  20ml   RRP $13.95
Glamourflage Magical Mary Lip Balm  20ml   RRP $13.95
Glamourflage Molly Minx Glitter Gel  20ml   RRP $14.95

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