Review: Face of Australia Impact-Curl Mascara

FOA Impact Curl Mascara

I finally decided to put down my Voluptulash and give another mascara a chance – I mean, extreme volume and curl? Challenge accepted!

The Face of Australia Impact-Curl Mascara promises bold, plumped-up lashes in just one step. This is due to the hourglass-shaped rubber brush, designed to grab and separate every lash. The actual brush is great; I’m a big fan of the shape because it manages to reach those fussy hairs right in the corner, and the little rubber spikes really do define each lash.

(Can’t believe I’m standing up for rubber right now – I had black rubber all over me on Sunday after spending the day watching the V8 supercars! That stuff is not easy to scrub off.)

FOA Impact Curl Mascara close up

The mascara itself is a rich, glossy black, and I’m a sucker for the sleek, mature-yet-colourful tube it comes in.

You heard the ‘but’ in all of that though, right?

But: the formula really lets this mascara down. It is far too ‘wet’ and even the one coat can cause my lashes to clump together. And where with other mascaras, I can run the wand through a few extra times to eliminate clumping and excess product, doing that with the Impact-Curl Mascara only makes it worse! I ended up with even more mascara and no way to salvage my poor lashes.

So it gives length like woah (especially if you curl first), but it doesn’t plump them up at all. There’s no volume here, folks. Which is unfortunate because when you get it right (after wiping the brush a handful of times), you do only need the one coat for extreme length and impressively long-lasting curl. But my lashes are so sparse that I really need volume with my mascara.

FOA Impact Curl Mascara close up lashes

It’s easy enough to remove, and once dry it doesn’t flake or smudge- it’s just that it takes ages to dry, and in this time I’ve normally blinked it all over my lids!

So a bit hit & miss here. Have you tried the FOA Impact-Curl Mascara? Leave your tips & comments below.


The fine print:
Face of Australia Impact-Curl Mascara in Black
RRP $11.95 (purchased at Priceline)

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