Review: Face of Australia Carnivale Nail Enamel

Face of Australia Carnivale Nail Enamel Ferris Wheel

Back in October, Face of Australia released Australia’s first range of textured nail polishes. There was an onslaught of reviews, but I wasn’t totally convinced. And then, Priceline had their 40% off sale. So I figured – for the sake of the blog, right?

The FOA Carnivale Nail Enamel range consists of 4 x matte shades inspired by the sunset, and 4 x glitter shades inspired by European Carnivales. I grabbed ‘Ferris Wheel’ – I was pretty keen to have this colour for the festive season, but what really cemented the decision was when I presented the range to my boyfriend & he told me that this was the one he liked the most. Gotta keep him happy, since most of my time is taken up with blogging stuff nowadays & he tries so hard to act interested!

Face of Australia Carnivale Nail Enamel Ferris Wheel brush

The texture is a great dupe for the OPI Liquid Sand polishes (RRP $19.95), with the sandy feel and glittery look, but at a much more affordable price. The FOA polishes are a meagre $5.95 each! And as you can see, the consistency is quite thick, but application is so easy, and you only need 2 coast to achieve full, gritty coverage. Plus, the brush doesn’t get clumpy, which I was quite impressed with given the texture. And speaking of the texture – I’m getting used to it, but at first it made me shudder – nail files, anyone? How about fingers on a blackboard? It gave me that same feeling, as odd as it sounds. So while they say that you don’t need a top coat, I like to use one anyway just so the texture isn’t so offensive.

The colour of Ferris Wheel is hard to capture in photos, but it’s a silver/blue/green (depending on the light!) and the gorgeous hex glitters make it look amaaaazing in the sun. I couldn’t stop staring and flashing my hands around. And it had semi-decent staying power, lasting around 3 days before it started to chip. The only negative is that it’s a glitter polish – so of course, it’s a pain in the butt to remove. I used a base coat, and removed by soaking my nails in acetone polish remover, but I’m really intrigued by using the DIY PVA peel-off base coat method – has anyone given this a go yet?

FOA Carnivale Nailpolish Ferris Wheel nails

FOA Carnivale Nailpolish Ferris Wheel nails bauble

It’s a limited edition collection, so stock up now – they’re a great introduction to textured polishes, and won’t break the bank.

What are your thoughts on textured nail polish?


The fine print:
Face of Australia Carnivale Textured Nail Enamel in Ferris Wheel
RRP $5.95 (purchased at Priceline)

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