Review: Face of Australia Budge Proof Eyeshadows

FOA Budge Proof Eyeshadow

Everyone has been raving about the Maybelline Color Tattoo range for a little while now, but my decision to only feature Aussie brands on this blog kept them out of my reach… so I was beyond excited when I saw Michelle’s post over on Lab Muffin announcing that Face of Australia would be releasing a similar range of products! Their Budge Proof Eyeshadows come in 8 colours, and I snatched up two: Bronze Sphinx and Poison Ivy (I know, it was so hard not to buy them all – especially since it took me 4 Priceline stores to find them!!).

FOA Budge Proof Eyeshadow pots

The good:
These two colours are perfect for my olive skin – the Poison Ivy is a dark forest green with a deep shimmer, and the Bronze Sphinx is a more neutral bronze colour with an intensity that you can build on with multiple layers. They are creamy and super pigmented, with just enough sparkle in them to make them appropriate for day or night, and they are a breeze to apply – the formula doesn’t scratch or pull at my eyelids when I apply, so they are perfect for sensitive skin.

Also, being Face of Australia, they are cruelty free – so no bunnies were hurt in the making of these, which my own furry little friend is particularly happy about!

FOA Maybelline comparison

The comparison:
This is a side by side comparison of the Maybelline & Face of Australia pots – the Edgy Emerald was the closest in colour to the Face of Australia Poison Ivy, although you can see it’s more of a pastel turquoise. In the pots, the Face of Australia formula actually looks rough where the Maybelline looks creamy, but I actually found application to be the opposite – the Maybelline didn’t spread as easily, it got stuck and pulled on my eyelids, whereas the Face of Australia was a much smoother application.

FOA Budge Proof Eyeshadow swatch

I swatched the three colours and you can see that the colour in the Face of Australia eyeshadows is darker and more intense, where the Maybelline relies a lot more on shimmer – so it’s your own personal preference as to what you prefer in an eyeshadow. And when I deliberately rubbed at them, the deep colour of the Face of Australia shadows was still there, but the shimmer of the Maybelline rubbed off and didn’t leave much else behind.

And of course, the price – the Maybelline Color Tattoo retails at $11.95, and the Face of Australia Budge Proof Eyeshadows retail at $8.95

The bad:
Even a super duper budge proof formula is no match for my oily eyelids! I tried to wear these by themselves, but they had settled into the crease after only 1 hour. So although this is no fault of the product, I do still have to use primer first to set a base for these – but then they last well over 8 hours without moving a millimetre!

And the packaging:
These little tubs are perfect for stacking or throwing into your makeup bag/drawer/cupboard – they are also fairly sturdy, and generally just good looking!


The fine print:
Face of Australia Budge Proof Eyeshadows in Bronze Sphinx & Poison Ivy
RRP $8.95 (purchased at Priceline)

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