Review: Emma Organics Purifying Blemish Wash & Gel

Emma Organics Purifying Blemish Wash and Gel

Ah, blemishes. We all have to deal with them, and yet I spend an inordinate amount of time imaging what life would be like if I have perfectly flawless skin all the time instead! So when I was given the opportunity to trial the Emma Organics Purifying Blemish Wash & Gel*, I was ridiculously excited and started using them both straight away. It just so happened that I was having an ugly acne party on my chin at the time (seriously, sometimes it’s like “woo! bring your friends!”), and I was totally floored when it completely cleared up within 48 hours. It normally takes a few days for my skin to settle into a new product, and it generally gets a bit worse before it gets better – so this was something of a miracle!

The Purifying Blemish Wash is an antibacterial foaming cleanser, with a soft fruity scent to it. There are four key organic ingredients: white tea is used for its antioxidant properties, apple extract is used as an intensive cleanser (I’m a sucker for anything apple!), chamomile deeply hydrates and softens, and cucumber extract soothes and tones. Put them all together, and it’s a pretty powerful blemish-busting combination – yet still gentle enough for everyday use. It lathers just enough to feel effective, removes all traces of dirt, and leaves my skin feeling tight and toned yet full of hydration. The bottle has a simple pump with a clear lid for travel, and at 200ml it’s a decent size for only $15. I was actually really, really impressed with this product, and will be grabbing another bottle soon!

Emma Organics Purifying Blemish Wash

The Purifying Blemish Gel is a high-intensity formula that I like to think of as nature’s Benzac AC (I actually saw an ad for that on TV yesterday – it worries me that it’s still around, surely it belongs in the age of “strip the skin of ALL OIL to make it better!”, before we cottoned on to the fact that stripping the skin of oil just made it produce truckloads more. Or maybe I’ve just forgotten how incredibly debilitating it actually was being a teenager with acne. Anyway – I’m getting off track.)

Basically, this uses a magical mixture of aloe vera, lavender oil, green tea, coconut oil, lemon peel extract, peppermint extract and a WHOLE lot more to stop pimples in their tracks (and because of this mix, I couldn’t pinpoint any one scent, just a faint essential oil-type scent that doesn’t linger). It does it all – dries the pimple out, repairs the skin and pumps moisture and goodness back in. But you only need to apply it to the exact spot that you are worried about, don’t go spreading it across your entire face. It’s a great one to use on those pain-in-the-butt blind pimples. At 15ml it’s not a huge tube, but that should be an indication of it’s potency – and it spreads surprisingly well, so you honestly don’t need much.

Emma Organics Purifying Blemish Gel

Emma Organics is an Australian brand committed to natural and organic products, and they use a carefully researched range of active botanicals, certified organic ingredients and pure essentials oils that are suitable for the most sensitive skin. They’re cruelty free, vegan friendly and are working towards becoming totally carbon neutral – and I do love a responsible brand! They have been around for over 10 years and are well established in the health industry- and I have a sneaking suspicion that we’ll be hearing a lot more from them.

The fine print:
Emma Organics Purifying Blemish Wash 200ml
RRP $15.00

Emma Organics Purifying Blemish Gel 15ml
RRP $14.10

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