Review: Dr LeWinn’s Reversaderm Micro-Cellular Age Correcting Peel

Dr LeWinns Reversaderm Age Correcting Peel

The good:
Now I didn’t have super radical results with this, as the Reversaderm range is designed for “aged or damaged skin” – but I do love me a good peel! I was tempted to give it to someone older to trial it, but I actually liked it enough to keep it for myself.

The combination of glycolic, lactic and mandelic acids encourage deep micro-cellular exfoliation within the skin. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and diminishes the appearance of brown spots, while evening out the skin tone and improving skin radiance.

The directions state that you should use it every second day for two weeks, and then once a week after that. There is a slight tingling sensation when you first apply it, but that goes away after only a couple of minutes. I use this in the morning after my normal cleanser. You apply a light layer on the face, and then leave it for 20-30 minutes – just enough time to eat brekkie and watch some of the Today Show! Then rinse thoroughly and apply moisturiser/serum as per your normal morning routine.

I tested this as per the instructions for a full month, and noticed that my skin was clearer and brighter, and it felt both tightened and hydrated. So even though I’m in the wrong age range for this – I would definitely consider buying another bottle when this runs out!

The bad:
Well the bad is only due to my age – I didn’t notice any reduction in fine lines (because I don’t have fine lines) or improvement in skin elasticity (because I’m 26 and have oily skin with no elasticity problems). And it does tingle for a minute, but if it didn’t irritate my crazy sensitive skin then I feel like everyone else should be ok.

And the packaging:
This is a 50ml pump bottle that just feels modern. I’m not sure if I can explain it properly – but it’s sleek with chrome touches (wait, is this a car now?) and a surprisingly small pump, that dispenses the perfect amount in just one pump. It has a clear lid that fits over the pump, which is sturdy and clicks into place.


The fine print:
Dr LeWinn’s Reversaderm Micro-Cellular Age Correcting Peel  (linked to Beauty Heaven as the Aussie website is SO out of date)
RRP $49.95 (received at the RESCU Me! event held in Sydney in June)

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  • Hi Amy, like you I had oily/combination skin in my twenties but now I’m 38 ahem….my skin is actually drier after cleansing and I find it needs more hydrating these days, I’ve especially noticed this since having Francis…..change in hormones can play havoc with your skin. I’m glad to see a review for this as I’ve been looking at it to try and although you don’t have the fine lines (Mine are just starting) you obviously saw results and that’s always a good thing……Dr Lewinn’s definitely know their stuff….xo

    • I’m obviously a fan but would love to see what you think, so let me know if you do try it. And that’s one of the reasons I’m trying to get better with skincare now, so that I’m more aware of when it starts to change.

  • Heya! I’ve nominated you for an award here: 🙂

  • I have been wanting to buy it for so long and every time I hit Priceline, I look at it and then move along thinking maybe next time!
    I am so glad I read your post, some’ones who has used it firsthand. My area of concern is blemish, wondering if this would give a helping hand in lightening blemishes to a good extent?


    • Well I don’t really have any blemishes, but it did make my skin look clearer and slightly brighter – so if I had those results with none of the problems, then I think it should definitely work for you! Let me know if you try it x