Review: Dr LeWinn’s 4 Fusion Cleansing Oil

Dr Lewinn's 4 Fusion Cleansing Oil

The good:
Now I’m new to this whole oil-beats-oil thing, so this is the first cleansing oil I’ve tried – but I am officially a HUUUGE fan! This stuff has completely won me over; it’s nourishing and deeply hydrating, leaving my skin soft and supple with no dryness or oiliness. Win win!

It’s namesake four oils are:  the ever popular rosehip oil to regenerate and hydrate, tamanu oil to help skin firmness and elasticity, argan oil to nourish and protect, and baobab oil provides vitamins and omega fatty acids. A closer look at the ingredients list also reveals a helping hand from five secondary oils: soybean, Vitamin E, sweet almond, olive and lemon myrtle. It’s gentle on your skin, so suitable for all skin types, and it is free from soaps and minerals. Cleaning my face has never felt so indulgent – or smelt so relaxing, with a uniquely botanical scent.

This luxurious cleansing oil is designed to melt away all traces of makeup and impurities while leaving skin radiant. Using an oil-based cleanser is different to your traditional gel/cream cleansers. You massage the oil into a dry face, and then add a few drops of water to allow it to emulsify – this draws dirt and make-up from your pores. The rinse with water – and try not to repeatedly touch your soft, smooth face!

The bad:
Being an oil, this is no good for removing eye makeup, so you’ll have to do that separately. (yep, that’s the only bad I could think of!)

And the packaging:
The bottle is fantastically slimline, and it has a no-drip pump that makes use super easy and mess-free (and also sorta looks like a duck from the side, although that might just be me…). This retails for $29.95 for a massive 200mL, and you only need a small pump each time so it lasts for ages. It also came with a clear plastic lid, but I promptly threw that out before I fully realised that it was probably a practical addition for travel… so if you want to take this away with you, keep the lid!

Dr Lewinn's Cleansing Oil pump


The fine print:
Dr LeWinn’s ‘Essentials’ 4 Fusion Cleansing Oil (weirdly enough it’s not on their website, but is all over their Facebook page)
RRP $29.95 (purchased at Priceline)


Have you jumped on the cleansing oil bandwagon yet?

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  • Amanda

    I’ve been using Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel with Marula Oil for a couple of years now but I can’t use it every night as I find it sometimes dries my skin out. I think cleansing oils are fascinating though and want to experiment more. This one sounds great.

    • I’m not sure anything could dry my face out! This cleansing oil gives me just the right amount of hydration. I do only use it at night though, but my skin always feels so much better in the morning 🙂

  • Hi there I just found your post on the Dr Lewinns fb page….. Thanks for the great review I finally spotted it in store today and will be trying it as soon as I’m out of my other cleanser… Have you been using Dr Lewinns long? I’ve been using it for years and love it….

    • I’ve only just discovered them but I’m loving their products! What’s your favourite? It was so sweet of them to post my review on their Facebook page & thank you for clicking through 🙂

      • Hi Amy, I’m sure you’ll love using Dr Lewinns for a long time to come. My faves would have to be first and foremost their Facial Polishing Gel….I could not live without this stuff it’s mild enough to use every day and leaves skin feeling so clean and fresh…..also I love the entire S8 range though my absolute fave has been the Vitamin A moisturiser, this has been fantastic in helping with some sun damage I have from not wearing sunscreen in my teens….Happy to click on through I hope you’ll click on through to my blog and enjoy it….Michelle

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