Review: Curtis Collection blushes

Curtis Collection by Victoria baked and mineral shimmer blushes

How much do you love blush?! A quick swish is all it takes to transform from exhausted to perky – just ask the stars on the Oscars red carpet yesterday, who I’m sure were up at some ungodly hour but still managed to look vibrant! It can also be used to mask illness – or enhance it, if you’re hanging out for a ‘sick’ day (wink wink!). It’s so much fun experimenting with colours and styles, and I love that it makes me look healthier and more energetic. So when I received these two Curtis Collection blushes, I may have jumped around the room a little bit! Two very different styles and colours, and I am head over heels for both of them.

The smaller one is the Curtis Collection Mineral Shimmer Blush* in Coral Queen. This is a gorgeous coral colour that works wonders with my skin tone – I’m always drawn to deeper colours, but this is a game changer (yes, I watch way too much reality tv). Coral could be my new fave! I just need to make sure it’s on the bronze side rather than the orange side, which is where I’ve probably gone wrong in the past. It also has tiny shimmery particles – I was worried that it would be a bit too disco, as they are quite prominent in the compact, but instead they work perfectly to deflect light and smooth my complexion. It makes my skin look radiant, and assists with natural contouring.

Curtis Collection baked blush fashionists and mineral shimmer blushe coral queen

The larger dome-shaped blush is the Curtis Collection Baked Blush* in Fashionista. A highly pigmented, luminous blush that has been individually ‘baked’ to form a creme textured powder. The colour in this one is intense – your brush will pick up plenty of colour, so you only need to swipe it lightly and build the colour slowly if you need. It’s a warm dusty pink with peach undertones, which is ideal for date nights and gives a really natural flush – people will wonder what you’ve been up to 😉

The dome-ness doesn’t show up too much in the photo, but there’s something about baked blushes that feels really expensive & luxurious, right? I just love  swirling my kabuki brush over the top. So I find it a little bit weird that the bigger blush actually holds much less – 2.55g compared to 3.4g, which leaves the logical part of me feeling deceived. The girlie, shiny part however… OH LOOK, PRETTY!

Curtis Collection baked and mineral shimmer blush swatches
(Top: Fashionista Baked Blush; Bottom: Coral Queen Mineral Shimmer Blush)

Both of these blushes have a fabulously velvety feel to them. The hypoallergenic formulas contain Vitamins A,C & E to protect and condition, making them perfect for sensitive skin. And the packaging – sophisticated and practical, the sleek black cases have a sturdy click closure and a clear lid.

I don’t get extremely long wear out of either of these – I get up to 5 hours if I use primer, and without primer I may as well not bother – but I do have quite oily skin, so if your skin is normal to dry then I imagine it would last a full day. Overall, I’m ridiculously impressed. When you love something, you see past any flaws, right?

The fine print:
Curtis Collection Mineral Shimmer Blush in Coral Queen 3.4g
RRP $28.00

Curtis Collection Baked Blush in Fashionista 2.55g
RRP $35.00

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