Review: Bloom Make-up Base & Australis Primer

Australis Primer vs Bloom Makeup Base

When I first started this blog, one of the products I was both confused & excited about was primer. I didn’t fully understand why it was necessary, but I knew it meant the difference between make-up staying on my face and melting down my chin. So I grabbed two very different choices to compare!

Bloom Makeup Base

The Bloom Cosmetics Make-up Base is a product that I have owned for a little while now (hence the half-full bottle in the photo). It claims that it ‘creates the perfect canvas’, which is exactly what you want for a base. It does contain SPF 12, which I was super wary of because sunscreen can wreak havoc on my sensitive oily skin, but it is balanced out with some good oils – vitamin E to promote healing, jojoba oil to balance oil production, and lavender essential oil to soothe and refresh. This combination of ingredients makes it soothing and moisturising, whilst keeping any excess oil in check.

I’m a big fan of this make-up base. It really does create a smooth base layer to work with, minimising pores and ensuring long lasting make-up. The SPF gives it a milkier feel – with added moderate sun protection! – and it gets right into your skin, so that your make-up can’t. However it does have that distinct sunscreen scent to it.

The 30ml bottle has a handy pump, and two pumps will have your face & décolletage covered.

Australis Primer

The Australis Primer is a great comparison because it is different in so many ways. It contains cucumber fruit extract & aloe vera to cool and heal, orange oil to combat excess oil production, geranium oil to tone and soothe, and peanut oil (which I still can’t figure out the benefits of – can someone help me here?). It has a more watery, serum-type feel to it, which soaks in fast and leaves you feeling fresh and hydrated.

But the flip side is that it doesn’t really feel like it works, because you it doesn’t feel like a protective layer has formed. It soaks in too much, and I find that my make-up doesn’t last quite as long.

However, this is much more affordable, and will be a staple for summer simply because I won’t be wearing heavy make-up in the warmer months – and it’s cooling on the skin!


The fine print:
Bloom Make-up Base 30ml
RRP $35.00 (purchased at Myer)

Australis Primer 40ml
RRP $13.95 (purchased at Priceline)


What’s your favourite primer? Share your tips in the comments section.

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