Review: Australis ‘Go Long’ lipstick

Australis Go Long Lipstick ghetto

I was cleaning out my makeup case the other day & rediscovered my Australis Go Long lipstick in ghetto. I received it back in May, and trialled it for My Fair Lipstick. I used it for a few weeks and then promptly forgot about it! But I’ve dug it out again and have been using it for a bit of oomph this past week – work has been suuuper stressful, and so this helped it look like I’d made an effort when all I wanted to do was curl up on the couch with a tray of muffins and eat my feelings.

So as it’s a long weekend and I’m about to head down to the harbour to see the Fleet Review (hello sailors!), I’m totally cheating and just pasting the photos & review I did for My Fair Lipstick. Enjoy!

What did you wear it to? I wore it to work for 2 days, plus it made an appearance at pub trivia as well.

How long did it last? Provided I didn’t eat or drink anything – it would last aaaages. Being a matte lipstick, the colour was intense, but the lipstick was quite dry and eating just caused it to clump in the corners of my mouth. But applying it before I left for work, it would last until at least lunchtime.

What did you think of the colour? Amazing. ‘Ghetto’ was a bit darker and more mauve than I usually go for, but that makes it perfect for the colder months.

Would you wear it again? Definitely, I just need to remember to exfoliate and use lip primer! It’s a total statement lipstick and needs a better base than I was providing.


The fine print:
Australis Go Long Longwear Lipstick in ghetto
RRP $12.95 (received from My Fair Lipstick)

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