Review: Al’chemy Lavender & Anthyllis Leave-In Conditioner

Lavender & Anthyliss Leave-in Conditioner

The good:
In my previous post I complained about how my fine, flat hair never has body or volume. I blow-dry it upside down and it falls flat within minutes. I use a boar bristle brush and it just ends up knotty. And if I try to use product that is supposed to create body, it just weighs my hair down and makes it look greasy within the hour.

So, as my fellow straight-haired ladies will know, cream treatments are the holy grail of flat hair. Leave-in conditioners, smoothing creams – these are the products I am drawn to. Because if I can’t achieve volume, then my hair had better be the shiniest, glossiest hair around! So when I spotted this darling on the shelf, I had to try it.

This Al’chemy leave-in conditioner contains two namesake ingredients: lavender to soothe the scalp and anthyllis to protect the hair against heat styling. It also contains a concoction of good oils: rapeseed to detangle, coconut to improve strength, and jojoba and avocade to nourish and hydrate.

The cream comes out quite thick, so you only need a small amount (like, a really small amount – any more than an M&M sized amount and you’ll end up looking like a mime artist with white hands – I may or may not have pretended to be a mime artist this morning…). This means that at $19.95, it is really amazing value, because I’ve had it for 3 months already and have used barely any of it.

I use the bulk of it on my ends (good old oily roots/dry ends) and then rub my palms lightly over my part, just to tame those flyaways. If you don’t struggle with oily roots, then I believe you could use it all over. If used on towel dried hair, it makes for a faster, glossier blow dry, but you can also use it on dry hair – but only on the ends, to add moisture and definition.

The bad:
One HUGE bad here – and this is mostly because I work in publishing – is that they have misspelt ‘anthyllis’ on the front of the tube. It is spelt correctly on the ingredient list, so was obviously just overlooked on the front. And it’s not a common ingredient, so people probably wouldn’t notice – I only did because I had to look up what it actually was in order to write about it!

Also because the cream is so thick, I feel like half of it stays on my hands and doesn’t really transfer to my hair. Ideally I’d like it just a little bit creamier, but then again it’s not designed for fine hair so that’s just my personal preference.

And the packaging:
I love the feel of the Purist products – both the A’kin & Al’chemy ranges have a distinctly botanical look about them.

This tube is a good size & shape, and I don’t think there will be too much wastage when I get to the end of it, I will just roll the top down like a toothpaste tube and squeeeeeze the life out of it!


The fine print:
Al’chemy Lavender & Anthyllis Leave-In Conditioner 150ml
RRP $19.95 (purchased at Priceline)

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