Review: 7000BC Anti Ageing BB Cream

7000BC Anti Ageing BB Cream

If you caught my lesson in alphabet creams the other week, you’ll know that BB creams were the first to make an appearance. Australian brand 7000BC was quick to jump on the trend, creating their unique Anti Ageing BB Cream*, the first to be advertised as ‘anti ageing’ in Australia. I was hesitant to try this, as other BB creams have caused my dermatitis to flare up massively, but I am SO glad that I gave it a go. I’m completely obsessed – I finally understand the hype around ‘dewy’ skin!

Everything about this product is slightly understated. From the classic, luxurious bottle to the simple pump and tiny ingredient list on the back, it doesn’t shout about how brilliant it is. SO I WILL! It has become my go-to when I’m in a rush, or when my skin has been playing up, or when it’s warm and I need to choose just one product for my face. The benefits you can see straight away: it evens skin tone, hides blemishes, and sinks into the skin, providing hydration and a smooth surface. The long term benefits: it protects from UV rays, fights the signs of ageing and pumps your face full of antioxidants. And as you can see, a handy bottle that makes it easy to see when you are running low!  (plus the next books on my #tbr list – are you a fan of Rainbow Rowell?)

7000BC Anti Ageing BB Cream bottle

It boasts Matrixyl 3000 as it’s secret weapon – which sounds like something out of Terminator to me, so I had to do a bit more research. It is a synthetic compound that functions like supercharged Vitamin C. It strengthens your skin’s protective membranes and barriers, promotes the production of collagen and increases skin elasticity. But note that you won’t see it mentioned in the ingredients list, as it is broken down and listed as the individual ingredients used to create it. The trick is to check for Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 and Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, as these combine to form Matrixyl 3000.

There is also Lilly Pilly extract, Jojoba oil, Shea Butter and Bilberry extract, which work together to provide healing and antibacterial properties, Vitamins C & E, protection against UV rays, increased blood flow and irritation reduction. They also leave it with a light, floral scent. But mostly, it is the finish that impresses me. The cream is quite thick; however, it becomes almost powdery when you apply it to the face. This gives you a smooth, natural finish – and I can actually get away without using a finishing powder on most occasions. As you can see on my cheesy mug below, it’s definitely dewy and not oily – a difference that usually doesn’t exist with my crazy sensitive skin! So consider me one very happy customer.

7000BC Anti Ageing BB Cream swatch


The fine print:
7000BC Anti Ageing BB Cream  30ml   RRP $45.00

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