Premium Spa Salt Body Scrub in Lemon Butter



Busy? Stressed? Would you like to bring the luxury of a spa treatment into the comfort of your own home? Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best, and the Premium Spa Salt Body Scrub in Lemon Butter* allows you to experience spa-quality exfoliation on a budget, at a time that suits you. Plus, it sounds ridiculously decadent when the words ‘lemon’ and ‘butter’ are put together, right?

Now I know I’ve banged on and on about how sensitive the skin on my face is, but the skin on the rest of my body is actually pretty tough! So while sugar scrubs are better suited to sensitive skin, I enjoy the slightly abrasive nature of a salt scrub to really slough away the rough skin on my arms and legs – particularly around my knees and elbows. The minerals in salts also help to stimulate circulation and reduce inflammation. But while salt scrubs can be quite drying, this is where the Premium Spa scrub really shines.

The addition of organic olive oil and vitamin E mean that while you are scrubbing away, removing dead skin and impurities, you are also putting the good stuff back in! This scrub helps to hydrate and moisturise, leaving your skin fresh, smooth and balanced. It also uses a blend of essential oils, including lavendar, grapefruit, sandalwood and peppermint, to boost the benefits and keep your skin healthy.

One added benefit for me was that the combination of salt and olive oil helped clear up the mild keratosis pilaris on my upper arms – heck yes!


This scrub is recommended for use in the bath or shower; however, the tub is quite large for most shower caddies, and I don’t find it very relaxing in the shower anyway! So mine lives beside the bathtub, where I can scoop to my heart’s content, and take my time scrubbing leisurely. But be careful standing up in the bath after using this – remember that it contains olive oil, which can make it a little slippery depending on how much you have used (they even include a warning about this on the tub, which I love!). I find that I use 2-3 scoops for my arms and legs, as it spreads quite thin and doesn’t have any lather to it – using a loofah glove/mitt means that the product goes further than using bare hands, but don’t scrub too hard, as this obviously doubles the scrubbing action!

The added oils mean that your skin will feel super soft and hydrated once you rinse the scrub away, and it might be tempting not to use moisturiser, but the salt has still stripped quite a lot from the skin, so I always moisturise afterwards to keep the goodness in and assist with moisture replenishment.


Plenty of people enjoy making their own scrubs, but at $14.99 for a 250g tub, this is pretty unbeatable. I mean, it comes in at only $0.06 per gram! And the blend of essential oils give it a completely unique scent – zesty lemon with a touch of peppermint.


Premium Spa Salt Body Scrub – Lemon Butter  250g   RRP $14.99

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