Natio Cream to Powder Foundation // Best of 2016

When a brand wins Best Australian Beauty Brand and Best Make-Up Product (steal) in the prestigious 2016 Prix de marie claire awards, it’s probably time to sit up & pay attention! So let’s see whether the Natio Cream to Powder Foundation* lives up to the hype.

Natio Cream to Powder Foundation

Ever since Australis changed the packaging on their pressed powder (I’m still not over it!), I’ve been on the lookout for a new powder compact. My wishlist is:

  • affordable
  • light to medium coverage
  • a practical compact design

And you know what? The Natio Cream to Powder Foundation ticks all of these boxes. At $19.95 it definitely doesn’t break the bank. The creamy application allows you to build coverage. And the compact enables you to view both the powder & the mirror at the same time, making it perfect for touch-ups on the go.

The formula has a soft, creamy consistency that applies like liquid and sets to a velvety soft powder finish. It comes in three shades: Light, Light Honey and Medium. I got the Light Honey which is a perfect match, giving me a gorgeous summery glow. It helps that the formula contains a multitude of good oils – argan and jojoba oils to hydrate, vitamin E to protect and soften, and sweet orange and lavender oils for their anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal properties. My skin loves wearing this, and I only need to dab at my face once throughout the day. Major benefit for us oily-skinned peeps, finding a product that stays matte!

Natio Cream to Powder Foundation Light Honey

You can see the incredible coverage below, after only one application and no concealer! It provides medium coverage while still looking natural, evens out skin tone and covers imperfections. And luckily, for the sake of this review, my skin was super blotchy at the time (hayfever!) so you can see exactly how good the coverage is, and how it combats redness with ease.

(Excuse my dry lips – overdid it on the dairy last week, and suffering the consequences now!)

Natio Cream to Powder Foundation swatch

The unique cream to powder texture means that it blends like a pro, and you can build coverage one layer at a time – allowing the first layer to settle first. I was worried that re-applying the cream once it has set to a powder would be an issue, but it layers perfectly and doesn’t pull at the foundation already on the skin.

This little beauty will no doubt become a regular in my makeup case, taking me from the office to dinner without a care. Make sure you stop by the Natio counter next time you’re shopping, and check out their gorgeous range of high quality, plant based cosmetics. You’ll be a convert in no time!

Would you try a cream to powder foundation?


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