The MooGoo natural deodorant challenge

MooGoo Fresh Cream Natural Deodorant

I have something to admit: I’m a sweaty betty, and not in the trendy Roxy Jakenco way. I sweat when I’m hot, stressed, anxious or sitting still. Which means I’m weirdly obsessive about deodorant. There’s deodorant in my bathroom. In my handbag. In my desk drawer at work. And in the glove box of my car.

Which is why I’m referring to my MooGoo deodorant trial as a ‘challenge’. Because to me, it was. My sweating has been so bad that I’ve previously been diagnosed with minor hyperhidrosis. I sweat through the heavy-duty clinical antiperspirant deodorants. So going au naturel was a big decision!

The lovely team at MooGoo convinced me to try their natural deodorant over brunch. The conversation went from what should we order?  to  if you’re making healthy lifestyle choices, why are you clogging your pores with aluminium?

And they had a good point. So I went home and placed my new MooGoo Fresh Cream Deodorant* front and centre in my bathroom. I warned my fiancé, and committed to wearing it daily for a full 4 weeks.

The adjustment period

The first 2 weeks are a detox, where your body rids itself of the aluminium that’s been clogging your pits. It’s a good thing I was between jobs at the time, because I was definitely sweating more – and the sweat was somewhat thicker than normal. This is because of the toxins in my beloved antiperspirants, all of which were making their way out of my pores. Yeah, pretty gross stuff! I had to reapply 2-3 times a day for the first week before it settled down.

Over the hurdle

Once I got past the detox stage, things actually improved. This doesn’t mean the sweating stopped. A deodorant doesn’t stop sweating – that’s what an antiperspirant is for. But it wasn’t inconvenient, I wasn’t sweating through my clothes, and best of all: I didn’t smell.

MooGoo Fresh Cream Natural Deodorant

The benefits of natural deodorant

The MooGoo deodorant contains Australian lemon myrtle to control the odour-causing bacteria that causes your perspiration to smell, so even though I was still sweating, it wasn’t worrying me – I even started a new job, and felt completely comfortable with the state of my pits! I was still reapplying at least once each day, but it definitely wasn’t as distressing or awkward as I thought it would be.

MooGoo have also included a unique hops extract, which serves as an anti-bacterial system and is a natural alternative to parabens and preservatives, while witch hazel cleanses and tightens the skin. The addition of cornflour allows the deodorant to work without being absorbed into your pores. All of this helps to keep your underarms fresh and in a natural state – sweaty but not smelly.

One thing I need to mention is that the MooGoo natural deodorant comes in a roll-on bottle. While it was an easy switch for me, given I’ve been using roll-on for as long as I can remember, this might take some getting used to if you prefer a spray. It does take a few minutes to dry properly, and it may leave a white residue if you’re wearing dark clothes.

The final verdict

This was a tough one for me. I can definitely see the benefits of using a natural deodorant, and I was honestly surprised by how well my body adjusted. However, after the 4 weeks, I switched back to my trusty Mitchum, and it was such a relief to be out and about without having damp underarms.

I’m not sure what it’s like for people who naturally sweat less – but even though I didn’t smell, I would be damp after a 5 minute walk to the bus stop. And I simply don’t enjoy being sweaty! So even though it won’t be replacing my antiperspirant, I’ll definitely keep the MooGoo deodorant in rotation for those lazy couch days, or during winter when I sweat a little less anyway.

Have you tried using a natural deodorant?

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