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Trending Micellar Water Hot Topic

The hot topic in skincare right now is deceivingly simple! Micellar water (pronounced my-cellar) is everywhere, and it’s exciting to see local brands jumping on board. This gentle, hydrating product is a must for everyone – especially if you’re looking to replace your wipes, or find cleansers too much effort at the end of a long day!

So what makes micellar water so effective?

The secret is in the micelles. First, the tiny oil spheres bury themselves in your cotton bud, leaving their tails hanging out. These tails are attracted to dirt & impurities, so they gather them all up as you swipe the cotton bud across your face – drawing impurities out of your skin without stripping it of moisture. They’re like magnets for grime! That’s my super simple overview, but if you want a more in-depth explanation I highly recommend visiting Lab Muffin for her handy diagrams.

For the body

One of the newest kids on the block is the Alpha Keri Micellar Body Cleansing Milk, which is the first I’ve seen marketed for the body. This uses micelles and traditional cleansing milk to cleanse & moisturise. The stand-out ingredient here is lapis lazuli, a mineral packed with silicon, magnesium and calcium that helps reinforce the outer layer of the skin. It’s super gentle, and unlike other micellar waters, you apply this like shower gel – wet skin first, and rinse off afterwards. It’s perfect in the shower or bath, and my skin feels soft and supple after use. And if it’s good enough for Sam Frost, it’s good enough for me 😉

Australian Micellar Water Options

For the face

The micellar water trend started behind the scenes of fashion shows or photoshoots, so it’s no surprise that they are most commonly used to remove makeup or grime from the face. I’ve got my hands on the Swisse Micellar Makeup Remover*, with a name that leaves no doubt as to what it should be used for, and the Sukin Micellar Cleansing Water*, which targets people who already know what it is, and who are looking for a local alternative to the international brands.

Both products are similar, and get their fresh scents from the inclusion of cucumber. However, I’d describe the Swisse as slightly more heavy duty, removing more makeup with less product, whereas the Sukin is better for sensitive skin, adding aloe and chamomile to the ingredients list. The Swisse is better value for money, but the Sukin doesn’t sting my eyes at all (which are doomed to be super sensitive forever thanks to my iLasik procedure – #worthit!). Both are gentle enough to be left on the skin without rinsing, and the dropper-style lids provide easy control over how much product comes out.

Micellar Water Eye Make-up Removal Results: Sukin vs Swisse

The ultimate test! As you can see, they both remove a similar amount of product from the eyes. The main difference is that the Swisse micellar water tends to smear product around before removing it, causing me to scrub a little harder – which ultimately causes irritation and stinging. The Sukin takes the makeup off in one swipe, which means less rubbing around the delicate eye area. This makes the Sukin a winner for me – but overall they’re both great, and definitely stand up against the Bioderma’s and Garnier’s of the world!

Are you obsessed with micellar water yet?



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